Psychologically Unstable Facebook “Whistleblower” Frances Haugen Travels to the UK to Promote Government Intervention and On-Line Censorship

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 25, 2021 | Sundance | 75 Comments

The goal of the leftist group who organized and coordinated the sequence of events behind Frances Haugen is becoming increasingly obvious.  Ms. Haugen first surfaced during a CBS 60-minutes episode where she promoted the idea that government needed to intervene in the Facebook censorship process because the content of speech was not being limited enough.  Ms. Haugen advocated for government intervention to enhance Big Tech censorship.

48 hours later, Haugen was testifying before congress.  That should have triggered all alarm bells that far-left political operatives were organizing an advanced censorship campaign to stop speech they deemed as detrimental to their interests.  That speech consists of any speech that does not comply with the leftist world view.   Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that Ms. Haugen is represented by the same legal group, and group of Lawfare lawyers, who supported Hillary Clinton. 

It is clear the psychologically unstable uptalker, and those behind her, have an interest in having left-wing politicians intercede in global speech to advance their ideological interests.  To further showcase this point, Ms. Haugen appeared today before the U.K. Parliament, again advocating that any speech against globalism and big government is considered extremist speech that much be blocked.  WATCH:

In the periphery, you might notice that Barack Obama recently gave a speech in Virginia where he also talked about political opposition and “right-wing media” advocating for extremism and stirring up anger.  This follows another highly visible data point where the DOJ has instructed the FBI to consider parents who confront school board policy as extremists.

Keep in mind, this testimony and angle of attack from the political operatives is coming at the same time the U.S. House of Representatives is using the January 6th Commission to advance the same proposition; that all speech against government is considered extremist and violent.

There’s no doubt all of these different approaches are part of the EXACT same coordinated effort.  There is a larger narrative being advanced by the U.S-centered group of Chicago Marxists.   Keep a look out for innocuous things that might look different when viewed through this baseline prism.

These examples are NOT disconnected !!

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