Demonizing Your Opponent

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politically Correct Re-Posted Oct 27, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong,
Your ‘great divide’ post just reminded of a story from when Trump was running for office. I work in a hospital. I went to see a patient to give them a medication. I said, ‘I came to see if you wanted XYZ.’ The patient said, ‘Do I have a choice?’. I said, ‘Of course you have a choice, this is America.’ And the patient said, ‘Oh you must be a Trump supporter.’
That is the moment I knew Trump was going to win. I feel like your story has a similar feel to it.


REPLY: Yes it does. Neither politics nor vaccines came into the discussion. It was a bizarre moment setting off alarm bells in my soul that this polarization is very serious. The country has become so split and just resisting tyranny is now somehow you are a problem. During the French Revolution, they confiscated not just the property of the king and the aristocrats, but also the church. Assignats were paper money issued by the Constituent Assembly in France from 1789 to 1796. They were backed by the value of properties seized from the crown taken over on October 7th, 1789, and those of the Catholic Church, which were also confiscated on November 2nd, 1789.

During the American Revolution, some places confiscated the property of those who opposed the Revolution. Georgia even bragged that their currency was backed by confiscating the assets of those who disagreed with the revolution. They are trying so hard to demonize all resistance and they are using the vaccines to do so while subjecting people to risks. Every vaccine poses risks to some people. It is against human rights to force any medical procedure on people. That was established following the Nazis. This tyranny which pretends to be concerned with people’s lives so it is proper to protect them by stripping them of all rights and independence will blow up in the face by 2026/2027.

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