Senator Josh Hawley Releases Email Showing Sketchy Biden Administration Guidelines for Afghan Refugee Evacuation

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 26, 2021 | Sundance | 95 Comments

This evening Senator Josh Hawley released an email (via Twitter) showing the evacuation guidelines given by the administration to the U.S. officials on the ground in Kabul Afghanistan.  The email details quoted instructions to Gregory A Floyd from someone in the administration speaking on behalf of Joe Biden.

As noted by Hawley: “This email was shared w/ me by an American official present in Afghanistan during the evacuation who was shocked by Administration’s failure to vet Afghans before they were evacuated. Email details orders from Joe Biden to fill up the planes – even without vetting:”


President Biden phoned Ambassador Wilson with the following directive about who to clear to board evacuation flights.

 “1. Anyone with a valid form of ID should be given permission to go on a plane if that person plausibly falls into the categories we will evacuate: U.S. citizens and LPRs plus their immediate families, LES plus their immediate families, those entitled to an SIV, and Afghans at risk.

2.  Families including women and children should be allowed through and held to fill out planes.

3.  Total inflow to the U.S. must exceed the number of seats available.  Err on the side of excess.”

This guidance provides clear discretion and direction to fill seats and to provide special consideration for women and children when we have seats. I expect that C17 flight volume will increase.

Thank you.


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