Have Some Democrats Lost their Mind?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Oct 28, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Reliable sources have for months been warning that the extreme Democrats have been planning to impose mandatory vaccines to screw Independent and Republicans for this has nothing to do with health anymore. The conservative Democrats are worried and they have been standing their ground, thank God, forcing Biden’s $3.5 trillion plan down to $1.5 trillion so far. They are gutting the Biden program for as I have been told, we use to pledge alliance to the flag in grade school, and the words “liberty and justice for all” still ring in the ears of some.

Now I can safely say that the rumors I have been hearing are true. Governor Murphy’s staff in New Jersey has been caught on tape saying that after the election next week, he will wage war on Independents and Republicans making it law that everyone must be MANDATED for a vaccine. That will be down to 5 year-olds following New York. The exact quote he does not want to hear it’s “my rights, my s-t.” The courts have torn up the Constitution for the NY Supreme Court told the cops, no vaccine no pay since they were mandated with no exceptions be it medical or religious. They cannot test cops for weed or drugs, only COVID.

What the rumor is that after the Democrats devastate the Republicans in the 2022 election, then Biden will MANDATE vaccines, but also impose a tax per mile you drive a non-electric car. I really do not understand such hatred and the refusal to simply rule fairly. They are pushing hard and that push is coming from the World Economic Forum with funding from both Big Pharm and Big Tech all pushing to annihilate Republicans and Independents. The United States I grew up in no longer exists. It is being directed from Geneva.

I was really praying these were rumors, but it is clearly a political move. They want good Nazis who just follow orders without question. These are no normal vaccines with a sample of the virus. So they fade quickly requiring boosters for the rest of your life annually or every 8 months.

According to their overlord, Klaus Schwab,  anxiety is building over the world’s social and economic prospects. The solution, Schwab maintains, insists that “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts, or a great reset of capitalism.” (Source)

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