Senator Tom Cotton Confronts Attorney General Merrick Garland Over Using The National Security Division of DOJ to Investigate Parents Attending School Board Meetings

Posted originally on the conservative tree house October 27, 2021 | Sundance | 288 Comments

One of the lesser highlighted aspects to Attorney General Merrick Garland using the FBI to investigate parents as domestic extremists when they attend school board meetings, is that Garland put the prosecutorial process in the DOJ- National Security Division (DOJ-NSD).

From the perspective of the general public, the DOJ-NSD has become a well known division within the DOJ in the past several years, because it was within this division where the lawfare alliance constructed their political targeting operations against candidate Donald Trump.  The DOJ-NSD is where the secretive title-1 FISA applications are created and submitted to the FISA court.

As established by AG Eric Holder and DAG Sally Yates, the DOJ office of inspector general, the internal self-checking mechanism to act an a watchdog, was also blocked from having oversight into the DOJ-NSD throughout the era of Barack Obama.  This lack of oversight was intentional to keep the DOJ-NSD political operations hidden from any review.

The DOJ-NSD was the home for John Carlin, Mary McCord, Andrew Weissmann and Bruce Ohr among others who conducted the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s classified email use and later into candidate Donald Trump via the FBI Crossfire Hurricane operation.  It is the DOJ National Security Division that selects targets for prosecution (ex. FARA) based on political affiliation.   In this round of questioning by Tom Cotton, the Arkansas senator focused on the use of the DOJ-NSD by Merrick Garland.  WATCH:

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