A Desperate Terry McAuliffe Campaign Deploys Dirty Tricks to Stir Racial Animosity in Virigina Governors Race

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 29, 2021 | Sundance | 249 Comments

If you’ve been following politics for a while, you know the status of Virginia to both the RNC and DNC clubs.  If not, GO DEEP HERE.   Virginia is where club insiders play politics; and yes, that includes using old campaign tactics familiar in the era of Clinton -vs- Bush.

The establishment clubs of both political wings of the UniParty use their backyard of Virginia to express their political influence.  Supporters of the Terry McAuliffe campaign deployed an old school trick from the well worn pages of politics today, by sending campaign operatives to stir up a racial angle:

The McAuliffe supporters are trying to bring back the Charlottesville White Nationalist narrative by having operatives hold tiki torches and claim to be ‘White Nationalist’ supporters of his opponent Glenn Youngkin at a campaign stop.   This is a stupid and transparent political gimmick.  Unfortunately, for McAuliffe these campaign tricks are so old and worn out even the former architect of them, Karl Rove, now rolls his eyes.

However, on the positive side, this does indicate a certain amount of desperation from the supporters of Terry McAuliffe.  If they were not worried about losing the election, these desperate Hail Marys would not be taking place.   One Twitter Account has already identified some of the stupid activists [SEE HERE]

Having people pretend to be racist and support the opponent is really desperate.  Even the operatives don’t look like they are having any fun.  Can you imagine being given this assignment?  It might look good on paper, but in the current era it’s just silly when deployed.   This effort is so Clinton -v- Bush era it’s ridiculous.

McAuliffe would have been better off if he just paid the FBI to help him.  Of course, the campaign denies their involvement:

Even the DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw watching from a distance can spot the nonsense: “That’s the weakness of communists. They abhor meritocracy and only hire/promote ppl for ideological conformity, not intelligence or creativity. So they think stunts like this are smart for their campaigns. And the media helps them by playing along.“

As we have shared, Virginia is where the establishment political clubs deploy, organize and play against each other; which is exactly why CTH warns about not getting too invested in this race.  Virginia is an insiders game and does not reflect the status of grassroots political effort at any level.

♦The Virginia political system is not reflective of the people within Virginia.  Repeat that as often as needed.  The people living within Virginia are pawns to the political games played within the state.  Good earnest grassroots people inside Virginia have a heck of a problem on their hands because of this.

Party insiders control the mechanisms of political rules and processes within Virginia.  When the earnest people in Virginia activate to successfully elect a person who does not conform to the party establishment ideology, the system will work to remove that candidate; see Dave Brat for recent reference.

♦Virginia is also where the national party narratives are constructed, so be careful.  The establishment Republicans will seek to use a Youngkin victory as a tool to disparage and diminish the grassroots MAGA movement.  If patriots in Virginia successfully elect Youngkin, the RNC and club ideology will immediately say the only reason Youngkin won was because he distanced himself from Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

This is a spin tactic the Republican club insiders are famous for doing.  They use victories by their controlled narrative candidates to diminish grassroots conservative efforts.  The MAGA movement is currently a target for elimination just like the former Tea Party movement was. Both grassroots movements challenge the club apparatus and both are considered a risk by Democrats and Republicans alike.

To give you a real example of this inside Club activity in action, consider this also from today:

That’s an example of why I have said:

“What passes for an acceptable Republican in Virginia is the Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and John McCain brands. There is almost no difference between an establishment Republican and an establishment Democrat in this region. They eat together, hang out together, party together and generally live their best swamp life together. As a result, their election debates are usually on nuanced cultural issues.

In the widely covered current governors race, the difference between former governor Terry McAuliffe (Democrat) and first-time Republican candidate Glen Youngkin, is very small. The clubs keep it that way; and no, they do not care about your opinion. Anyone who challenges the internecine club system in Virginia will quickly see themselves removed, and the club(s) will modify the party rules to avoid any further encroachment.” (read more)

Hopefully Virginia will vote for Glenn Youngkin because at least they will have a fighting chance to stem the bleeding of their freedom, and he’s not a communist. But don’t consider a state-wide race in Virginia, fraught with nuanced shades of purple, to be a referendum on how the nation feels as a whole.

In Virginia, the grassroots -v- establishment divisions are bold; however, the party club divisions (DNC -v- RNC) are almost invisible.

If Youngkin can win, the RNC and Republican Club machinery -writ large- will try to push a narrative that a milquetoast candidate in 2024 is the key to winning the “suburban women’s vote” or “suburban soccer mom’s vote”.  They will predictably push this talking-point because what the GOPe fear most of all is an establishment disruptor like Donald Trump.

♦ The RNC and GOPe (headquartered just outside the swamp in Virginia) want a Mike Pence / Nikki Haley candidate in 2024.  The Republican Club will attempt to use a Youngkin victory in Virginia to push that national impression.

Just understand their inside Club objectives, and you will see through their engineering.

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