Soon to Lose Her Congressional Seat, Liz Cheney is Very Worried About January 6th Truth Surfacing in Tucker Carlson Documentary

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To say the apparatus of the U.S. federal propaganda machine has been triggered by a pending broadcast of a Tucker Carlson documentary would be an understatement.  Factually, there are very powerful U.S. interests who stand to be exposed if disinfecting sunlight is poured on an expose’ of the January 6th construct.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (U-DC) is very much part of the ‘deep state’ system we have tracked, researched and identified as “The Fourth Branch of Government.”   Additionally, and not coincidentally, Liz Cheney is about to lose her Wyoming congressional seat as the MAGA grassroots movement is united to see her dispatched into the trash bin of history.

Before going into some very brutal truths about why Cheney’s motives are so intense, let’s first review her fear-based reaction to the Tucker Carlson documentary:


The need for control is a reaction to fear.  When the operators inside the Fourth Branch of Government fear they will lose influence, affluence, or worse yet, power, they get very angry and demand more control as they lash out.

Cheney knows exactly who, how and why the J6 operation was carried out.  As the daughter of the former VP, Liz Cheney was a first-hand participant in the power shift, a new era where the intelligence apparatus was deployed internally in the aftermath of 9-11-01.

Carlson responded to Cheney last night.  Watch Carlson’s response before we go further.

Let me be very clear….  connecting the similarities behind the 9/11 aftermath and the J6 event is a big threat to the Fourth Branch of Government.

As CTH has outlined exhaustively, our national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been purposefully weaponized internally.  This has happened both in real terms and in a psychological warfare campaign where they involve themselves deeply in politics to protect their interests.   The FBI is, in essence, the enforcement mechanism to protect the DC political system that facilitates the Fourth Branch, the larger intelligence apparatus.

Was the FBI involved in creating a false flag on January 6th by exploiting and agitating peaceful protestors to achieve a desired result?  Yes.  Any intellectually honest person who would review all of the known evidence, and lack thereof, would come to that conclusion.  It is not an odd conspiracy theory, it is factually what the FBI have done for years as we have outlined {Go Deep}.

Specifically, a solid reference point for how the FBI operates is visible with the internal extremist group known as Antifa.

Antifa could not exist and carry out their activity without the support of the FBI.  It would be impossible for Antifa to be so public with their organized violence if the FBI did not support it.  Antifa doesn’t hide their agenda, and yet you will never see the FBI label them as Domestic Violent Extremists (DVE’s) simply because the FBI is part of the background network.

The FBI could arrest dozens of documented violent Antifa members at any moment, but they do not.   Federal facilities in numerous states have been torched, attacked and subject to the violent actions of the national Antifa extremists, yet they remain untouched and not investigated by the FBI.

Antifa leadership is well know to the FBI, yet the federal law enforcement mechanism does nothing.  The financial system and who pays for that violence is also very easy to investigate.  The fact that FBI offices never touch the people, groups and organizations who fund the extremist activity of Antifa is another brutally obvious point to highlight FBI support.

In the summer of 2020, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) torched Washington DC in violent uprisings.  The domestic tranquility of the nation was attacked, and yet the FBI did nothing of consequence to hold the participants and leaders accountable.  In fact the FBI did exactly the opposite, they visibly showed their support by taking a knee outside the FBI headquarters in DC directly across the street from Main Justice.

As multiple examples throughout history have shown us {Go Deep}, the FBI conducts covert extremist operations inside the U.S. as part of their mission. Consider the case of the first recorded ISIS attack on U.S. soil in Garland, Texas in 2015. The FBI not only knew the shooters (Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi) in advance, the FBI took the shooters to the venue and were standing only a few yards away when Simpson and Soofi opened fire.

Yes, you read that correctly – the FBI took the terrorists to the event and then watched it unfold. “An FBI trainer suggested in an interview with “60 Minutes” that, had the attack been bigger, the agency’s numerous ties to the shooter would have led to a congressional investigation.”  As you can see, the FBI is not a mechanism to investigate and prevent violent activity (the traditional outsider perspective), the FBI is an institution with a goal to shape and control the outcomes of violent activity to promote and protect their interests.

Liz Cheney, and the people within the DC political apparatus who rely on the successful execution of that FBI mission to retain the power structure, are very concerned about the Tucker Carlson documentary series set to begin airing on November 1st.

Let me be very clear, this is a very dangerous time in our nation’s history.  There are millions of Americans who are now awake to just how corrupt and controlling our federal agencies have become.

When you accept the Federal Bureau of Investigation is nothing more than a domestic enforcement agency, structurally put into place to protect the interests of the Fourth Branch of Government; and the entire federal apparatus views anyone who would outline that basic truth as a domestic enemy; then you start to realize why fences, barbed wire and mechanized army divisions are stationed around the Capitol.

Liz Cheney doesn’t really fear Tucker Carlson…..

….Liz Cheney really fears an awakened American people !

That is the tenuous nature of American politics at this moment in history.

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