Devastating NBC Polling Highlights Collapse of Support for Biden and Democrat Party Overall – Also Majority of Public Do Not Support Vaccine Mandate

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 31, 2021 | Sundance | 297 Comments

The bad news is this is an NBC poll conducted by Mark Murray and Hart Research and Associates.  They are notorious for manipulative media polling [Use Site Search Function for More].  The good news is this is an NBC/Mark Murray poll, meaning if this is the best Murray and Hart Research can come up with, the reality of the situation is exponentially worse.  [Polling pdf Here]

The data within the poll, which is skewed to try and assist the left, shows the nation overall has abandoned Joe Biden and the Democrat Party in a big way.

71 percent of Americans now say they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, up 8 points since August. That includes 93 percent of Republicans, 70 of independents and even 48 percent of Democrats.  Beyond his catastrophic approval numbers, 50% of Americans polled say Joe Biden is incompetent / 37% view him as competent.

Chuck Todd sounds the alarm.  WATCH:

Additionally, not highlighted by any media review, the polling shows a collapse for the COVID fear and vaccination narrative.   The majority of the country now says they do not support mandatory vaccinations. [Page 17].   50% oppose mandates / 47% support mandates.

The politics for Democrats and the COVID vaccination narrative are even worse.  When asked if they would support a candidate based on COVID vaccine mandate position, only 32% said it would be a positive, and 40% said that position would be a negative.

When the issue turns to children being vaccinated under age 11, the vaccine advocacy position gets even worse politically.  64% of people with children under age 11 say they would not vaccinate their kids or would wait to see more data on long term consequences.  Only 27% of respondents said they would immediately vaccinate their children with the untested COVID vaccine.   That makes a political issue even worse for Democrats.

The Republican party is winning on the key issues of priority by default.  Not because the GOP has done anything positive, but rather because the policies of the Democrats are visibly destroying the country:

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