Sunday Talks, in Virginia Race Terry McAuliffe Says Things Were Fine Until Parents Started Sticking Their Noses Into What Happens in Schools

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 31, 2021 | Sundance | 175 Comments

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd {full video here} to express his frustration that “everything was fine” in Virginia until parents started snooping around, looking into what goes on in public schools.

Despite Chuck Todd trying to support McAuliffe’s collapsing campaign and overall favorability, the Democrat candidate just can’t stop showcasing his totalitarian viewpoint.  As noted in the interview, McAuliffe blames the parents for finding out what was happening inside the education system and then complaining about it.  It was only after parents started doing research when things started falling apart for the teacher’s unions, school boards and the candidacy of McAuliffe himself.

The full video is also below.

Beyond the horrible policies he supports, as a general disposition candidate Terry McAuliffe is not a likeable person.  He’s a male version of Hillary Clinton with about the same level of blame-casting and desperation.  You can tell in the interview that Chuck Todd knows the persona of McAuliffe is part of his problem.

Watch the very beginning as Chuck Todd introduces McAuliffe and notes that an upside down favorability for Joe Biden is likely hurting other Democrats. As a result, the race in Virginia has gone from an easy win to a toss up.

Specifically, look at the face of McAuliffe (00:16 seconds), as the introduction was not what he expected from his friend, his ally and fellow traveler.  The flex and squint in the eyes of McAuliffe tells you he was taken aback by the intro.  He was personally hurt, stunned and then worried by the introduction.  It took McAuliffe almost a full 2 seconds to recompose his brain.  It’s interesting….

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