During NASA Visit Kamala Harris Advocates for Rush Song Lyrics to Lead Policy for Environmental Justice

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 6, 2021 | Sundance | 213 Comments

Quite remarkably yesterday, the affirmative action politician known as Kamala Harris advocated for the implementation of a social justice standard based on the lyrics of a 1978 rock song by the band Rush.   Yeah, this actually happened.

With a southern border in crisis, an economy in a state of chaos and massive inflation crushing the American people, Kamala Harris is worried about environmental racism and trees not getting enough social justice.  WATCH:

RUSH – The Trees

“There is unrest in the Forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the Maples want more sunlight
And the Oaks ignore their pleas.

The trouble with the Maples
(And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
They say the Oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the Oaks can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made
And they wonder why the Maples
Can’t be happy in their shade?

There is trouble in the Forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the Maples scream ‘Oppression!’
And the Oaks, just shake their heads

So the Maples formed a Union
And demanded equal rights
‘The Oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light’
Now there’s no more Oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet,
And saw…”

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