Joe Biden Mocks The American People – “They Don’t Understand Supply Chains” – The People are Rubes to Be Ruled, Not Listened To

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 6, 2021 | Sundance | 214 Comments

I’m not sure what is more blood boiling: that Joe Biden thinks it is okay to mock the American electorate, or that he actually believes the horse crap that comes out of his twisted, stupid brain.

The question was a perfectly well presented inquiry about the Biden administration’s incompetence to put policies in place to streamline the supply chain chaos that he has created.  His response is disconnected, absent of anything even remotely accurate, and entirely disconnected from factual substance.  This guy is a complete and utter failure of staggering and stunning incompetence.  WATCH:

I do not use the word ‘hate‘ lightly.  I have a solid grounding on what that word actually means.  However, the only people I hate worse than the current occupants of the White House, are the complicit DC media stenographers who sit there and giggle as this pontificating pustule of an idiot spouts nonsense. They clap and comply as if this is the professional or normal state of a functioning government.

COVID didn’t do squat to disrupt supply chains, impact prices or create massive shortages and inflation… people did.  Specifically, the people in the background of this administration who intentionally trashed the U.S. economy, because they are ideologically aligned with that destruction.  The current economic team is devoid of any real world experience that would shape their outlooks on how to solve problems. Example: Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg.

[Transcript] – […] THE NATIONAL FOOL: (Laughs.) (The fool covers his eyes and points towards the press.) (Laughter.)

Q Mr. President, Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said of your presidency this week: “Nobody elected him to be FDR. They elected him to be normal and stop the chaos.” How do you view your mandate after Tuesday’s election losses for Democrats? And is she wrong?

THE NATIONAL FOOL: Well, Abigail is a friend. We had a long talk. She joked and said that I have a picture — she said I have a picture of Roosevelt hanging in my office — her office, okay?

I don’t intend to anybody but Joe Biden. That’s who I am. And what I’m trying to do is do the things that I ran on to do. And, look, people out there are — ordinary, hardworking Americans are really, really — been put through the wringer the last couple years, starting with COVID.

COVID has disrupted almost every family one way or another, whether it’s wearing a mask or losing a family member. You know, 750,000-plus Americans dead — 750,000.

And so, people are worried. People are also worried about, you know, coming up — they don’t — understandably. “Why is the price of — of agricultural products — and when I go to the store, why is it higher?”

What — like, for example, if I had — if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, “Let’s ask whoever the — whoever is at the next table, no matter how — what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us.” You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?

They’re smart people. But supply chain — “Well, why is everything backed up?” Well, it’s backed up because the people who supply the materials that end up being on our kitchen table or in our — in our fam- — our life — guess what? They’re closing those plants because they have COVID. They’re not —

And so, it’s a complicated world that people are facing. We’ve never faced anything like this before. I mean, I’m not saying it’s the worst of every time in American history, but we never faced anything this — this, sort of, defiant of understanding of what’s going on.

And you can understand why people are upset. And I — whether you have a PhD or you’re — or you’re working, you know, in a restaurant, it’s confusing. And so, people are understandably worried. They’re worried.

And so, all I can say is: What I’m going to try to do is explain to the American people, as best I can —

And, by the way, you all write for a living. I haven’t seen any one of you explain the supply chain very well. No, no, I’m not being critical. I’m being deadly earnest. When your editor says, “Explain the supply chain.” Okay? “Lots of luck in your senior year,” as my coach used to say. (Laughter.)

But — but I sincerely mean it. This is a confusing time — a confusing time. Think of all those children — all those children who may have lost more than a year of education by only being out one semester.

Think of all that’s going on, in terms of access to everything from — when you go back to college, if you’re in college — you go back to college — wear — you have to wear your mask or who’s your roommate. What — I mean, this is a confusing moment.

And it seems to me that my job as the President of the United States is to try to figure out — myself, as well — what is most needed to put people at ease and let them know there’s a way through this. There’s a way through this.

The world has never been here before. That sounds like hyperbole, but think about it. Think about it. This truly is one of those inflection points in history. All the pieces on the board are moving, both in terms of the — the relationships among and between nations, as well as the pieces about what employment future people have. How do we do this?

And so, this is a confusing time. But I promise — I promise the American people: I have one focus, “How do we give you some breathing room? How do we get you to the point where we take pressure off you so you can begin to get back to a degree of normality and we move to a different place?”

And this time when we move — and, by the way, everybody internationally uses “Build Back Better” now. When I used the phrase initially, people looked at me like, “Build Back Better?”

Well, what it means — we’re the only country in the world, gone through a crisis, to go through a crisis, and come out better than we were be- — before the crisis occurred. That’s building back better than it was before.

And so, this is a process. And I just — you know, we’re going to see. Take it every day, every moment at a — you know, one moment at a time. (READ MORE)

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