These People are Not Stable

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 15, 2021 | Sundance | 429 Comments

Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently dropped all reading, writing and math proficiency standards for high school graduation, because she claimed it was unfair to “people of color” for them to have to pass tests in order to graduate {Go Deep}.  Expecting black, brown and latino students to comprehend math and write in coherent sentences is racist – or so goes the policy.   Governor Brown also mandated that masks continue be worn indoors and outside regardless of vaccine status (link).

Historically, there has been a solid argument that leftism is a mental disorder; at least the vast majority of those who espouse leftist worldviews do -indeed- appear to have some cognitive impairment the vast majority of non-leftist people do not relate to.   Slowly, as the years have progressed, it is now entirely possible to look at a person and predict their political persuasion.

This is Oregon Governor Kate Brown today:

This is not normal.  You cannot convince me these are stable minded people.  A person of reasonable mental disposition, particularly a person in a position of significant leadership, does not engage in behavior like this.

This is what weird people do.  I feel it is important to let people know where CTH stands on this type of behavior; I’m not sure why, but it must be said.  This is not normal… at all.

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