White House Hoping Kentucky Tornado Crisis Will Provide Biden Team the Platform to Rebrand Collapsing Image

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 16, 2021 | Sundance | 160 Comments

First things first… If the governor responsible for organizing the state response to a massive crisis is still incapable of controlling his emotions, and cries in front of the media five days after the damage, I guarantee you he/she is a Democrat.  I don’t mean to be brutal or insensitive about it, but the emotional inability of effeminate Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is embarrassing to watch.   Cowboy the f**k up, and get on with the job.

That said, it is obvious the White House political communications team are not planning to let a crisis go to waste.  The opportunity provided by the devastating tornadoes that tore through Kentucky, is an opportunity for Biden to rebrand himself and attempt to get his collapsed polling numbers to reverse.

That’s the reason for the heavily engineered presser yesterday, and that’s the reason for the federal response.  On the positive side, the flood of help is good for Kentucky; however, cynically that benefit is mostly possible because the Biden White House is desperate and needs positive PR.

Traditionally, when there’s a FEMA-level crisis in a red state or region, and Democrats are in the White House, the federal response is weak.  It’s just how they roll.  However, fortunately for Kentucky, this time the crisis coincides with the White House occupant desperately needing to rehabilitate his image. And it’s a Democrat governor holding office over a Red state, so the White House producers, script writers and narrative directors have massive latitude.

It was smart of Ron Klain to send Jill Biden to Wisconsin on the same day he sent Joe to Kentucky.  After a few words from Klain to coordinate with the CNN crew, Kate Bennett delivered the conflated article brilliantly for the Google search engines.   It now looks like the faux-President visited Wisconsin [ SEE FOR YOURSELF, read it carefully ]. Obviously he didn’t, but when you know the intent is to manipulate and give the illusion that he did, well, the way Kate Bennett constructed the outline is brilliant.

Leftist politics are not about reality or what’s real.  Modern leftist politics are about the illusion of what’s real.  That’s the primary reason the professional leftists are so good at pretending not to know things.  Leftists and communists are, by mental constitution and nature, pathological in the extreme.

If you are not strong-minded, Alinsky trained leftists can convince people of alternate realities in the same way an abuser can get an abused person to believe their beating is their own fault.  Leftists can convince entire groups of people to board cattle cars, while the victims convince themselves their abuser would never really kill them.

This pathological approach is also why leftists continually undermine independent thought and rely on peer pressure from Hollywood, Big Tech and social media.

The professional political left needing big tech and social media to silence the opposition is the same reason a toxic boyfriend needs to block his abused girlfriend from visiting her family.  Pathological people and groups need to keep their victims isolated.

In the big picture, this level of manipulative control is also the foundation of the international COVID fraud.  When you go this big, the lie must be retained… or else.  Think about it.

Those whose hold on power depends on deception are always able to find an audience of those willing to be deceived.  Now, the audience of those willing to be deceived is a flexible group in terms of numbers and identities; even those who have been in that audience for some time may one day walk away from it.  But, what is it that makes folks stay in that audience?  What price are they afraid of paying?  What deception are they unwilling to let go of?

If it was suddenly discovered that SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 vaccines, mandates, boosters and passport controls are really just a simple fraud, built upon an established plan to control people and numb them to the toxic influence of government protection – even to the extent of forced medical procedures to avoid something as innocuous as the common cold or flu; well, how would a genuinely awakened victim react to the Red Pill?

Think carefully about that answer….

Because if the victim had such an ‘ah-ha’ moment of realization, and then you guided them with familiar reference points to the topic of climate change… well, you can see the problem for the totalitarian control forces.   After all, once you see the light from a small but important lie, it becomes much easier to see the light from the larger and more consequential lies.

Maybe then the victim suddenly realizes it wasn’t the poor sandwich making skills that caused him to smash her head into the kitchen sink; and from that moment forward, the end of the cycle begins.

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