The Big Club Temporarily Modifies Ted Cruz Marionette Strings So He Can Regain Attention of His Audience

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 11, 2022 | sundance | 345 Comments

Earlier today, Senator Ted Cruz attempted to regain his J6 credibility with questions to the DOJ and FBI about the day’s events.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing provided the backdrop for an urgently needed modification to the marionette strings.  Capitalizing on the opportunity, Senator Ted Cruz (U-DC) asked Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about any law enforcement participation in the events of Jan. 6.

Questions were asked, grand protestations were proclaimed, theater lights dimmed to provide the dramatic context, and Ms. Sanborn noted she could not answer the questions.  Curiously (or not) there was no follow-up as to “why the FBI was unable to answer”. WATCH: 

The Cruz campaign staff quickly copied the performance and uploaded it to the Senator’s accounts for immediate distribution.  Many teeth began gnashing, and grand proclamations were made about the possibilities and ramifications.

Shiney things began making a lot of noise all around the social media sphere, and there is now a strong possibility the situation may escalate.  Some observers even noted that strongly worded letters might be sent… and tomorrow is Wednesday.

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