South Shore Chicago Residents Blast City Council During Public Hearing Over Housing Illegal Alien Migrants

Posted Originally on the CTH on May 11, 2023 | Sundance 

The national media hide these types of local stories because they destroy the preferred narrative.  However, the open border leftist policies are opposed by every cross-cultural faction of ordinary Americans, including the predominantly black community of South Shore Chicago.  Keep in mind the DNC convention for 2024 will be held in Chicago.

Watch the response from local residents as the City Council attempts to hold a meeting to inform the public of their decision to place 250 to 500 illegal aliens in housing at South Shore High School.  There are hundreds of illegal aliens currently camped out in police stations around the community and the residents of the area are sick of it.

This video shows the issue of illegal immigration cuts across all political boundaries.  The officials in charge are disconnected from the will of the people.  This conflict is going to escalate across the country as millions of illegal aliens are now pouring through the southern border soon to occupy the land space in all major metropolitan areas.  WATCH:


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