Ron DeSantis Plots Politics with Chris Sununu in New Hampshire

May 20, 2023 | Sundance 

The upcoming week or two should provide more clarity on 2024 candidate field as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are all likely to make their enlistment official.  Of course, most eyes will be on the Jeb! lane for 2024 which is currently occupied by Ron DeSantis.

Current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, another approved Republican, is in a holding pattern above the race in the event that DeSantis does a big stupid.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is now pushing himself into the foray, while simultaneously meeting with DeSantis to talk shop.

Things are starting to become clearer as we look at the approved Republican field and the intents of the people who control the real dynamic in GOPe politics, the BIG CLUB donors.   Remember, GOPe politics is all about money, not ideology.  The ideological framework of republican politics is a false front, where ‘social issues’ are used as the retained illusion inside the theater keeping the audience distracted, while the people who construct the performance take the loot from the coat check room out the back door.

Once you understand the real baseline of corporation run party politics inside the USA, all of the moves – past and present – make sense, and the ‘ah-ha’ moments just keep flooding in. {GO DEEP}

The boardroom of the Democrat private corporation (DNC) wants power. The boardroom of the Republican private corporation (RNC) wants money.  The Democrats use money to get power, ultimately control over people; while the Republicans use power to get money, whatever happens to the people is irrelevant.

The DNC wants fundamental change; the RNC wants to be paid and control wealth while it happens.  The core issue to understand republican politics is to look at how the people in control, the billionaires and multinational corporations, position for wealth.  This is why the DNC weaponize voting systems (policy outcomes), while the RNC just want to be paid off while it takes place.

The focus on money is why we do not see policy at the forefront. Inside the internecine system of modern republican politics, the focus is always on the money.

The billionaires, multinational corporations, Wall Street hedge fund managers, and institutional wealth systems create the ‘acceptable republican‘ system, and as an outcome create the illusion of choice; however, each candidate delivers the same outcome to the people behind them – except Donald Trump and his America First agenda.  That’s also why the entire assembly of GOPe candidates are against ‘MAGAnomics’.

The GOPe club know the illusion of choice begins with control over the first set of Republican states during the primary.  Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are important and highly visible not because those states magnanimously represent the interest of the national assembly, but rather as an outcome of the 2024 primary calendar.

For the 2024 primary, we are starting to get a clearer perspective on the ‘illusion of choice’ roadmap.  Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence are considered important to the Iowa caucus system and the ‘evangelical’ values angle in the club dynamic.  Keeping Ron DeSantis in a top tier outcome is the goal of all other non-Trump candidates.

The RGA is very important this cycle.  Current Republican Governors Association (RGA) chairwoman, Kim Reynolds, is not accidentally also the Iowa Governor.  Ron DeSantis 2024 is filling the role of Jeb Bush in 2016, with club modifications using the RGA to –more than slightly– change the controlled approach.

The RGA is going to play a big role in 2024.  CTH could see this modified 2024 approach starting to map out last year; now we are gaining clarity.

Chris Sununu and Ron DeSantis mapping out New Hampshire success is a no brainer.  Again, if those who control the Potemkin Village in Washington DC (the people in control of money), cannot take out Trump through a weaponized legal system, they need overwhelming strategic placements to break apart the voting blocs.   New Hampshire and South Carolina become critical as the sequential #2 and #3 primary.

(Via NBC) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu in the first primary state Friday afternoon in Concord, Sununu’s office confirmed.

“Governor Sununu is ready and willing to meet with all potential candidates who come to New Hampshire, and was happy to meet with Governor DeSantis for an hour today at his office in the State House, where they discussed a wide range of issues, including how to do well in the New Hampshire primary,” Sununu spokesman Ben Vihstadt told NBC News in a statement. (more)

For South Carolina, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott become important to those donors who control the RGA and RNC.   We now see the Stop-Trump constructs assembling in real time.  At the end of all the illusions is a total field supporting Ron DeSantis who was selected a long time ago as the best hope for the Stop-Trump agenda.

[Sidebar – Remember, for those who control Republican politics, stopping Trump is the objective – not winning the 2024 election.  The status of the financial class will remain untouched if the Democrat wing of the corporate apparatus succeeds.  As long as Trump is not the President, the club wins regardless of whose flag is atop the spire.]

The same people funding the Stop-Trump candidates are the same people funding the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Republican Governors Association (RGA).  These are institutions of influence within the corporate controlled political system.  The candidates, RNC and RGA, are all funded by the same people. This is the root of their commonality.

When the people behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used the influence of the office to create legislative policy for the Florida lawmakers, you might have heard about the ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) confrontation.   DeSantis confronted ESG investments by leveraging Florida taxpayer funds and pension plans.

Florida pension money was shifted out of Blackrock type financial institutions and spread around “non-ESG” smaller investment groups.  Those non-ESG financial groups then increased their financial donations to the Republican Governors Association (RGA).   The RGA then turned around and put $21 million extra money in the DeSantis political fund.  Can you see the convenience of the financial laundry?

DeSantis gets anti-wokeism credit for confronting ESG investment, and simultaneously DeSantis gets more donations as an outcome of the state money he diverted from ESG investments.  [Good Article on the process here]  This is an example of how the ‘illusion of choice’ aligns with the best interests of the Sea Island Billionaires, and it’s a pretty smart approach, confirming a process of how the RGA will be used this cycle.

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.  While we have awakened many people to the ‘illusion of choice’ system by predicting the moves in advance, the enemy is cunning, and they know how to weaponize the feeling of desperation.

We are in an abusive relationship with our government, and that cycle of abuse is created by the background financial institutions who control government.

[We Shall Keep Watching]

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