I wonder if Soros is funding the wannabe be film maker?

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The guy has a full psychotic reality break on television

The Last RefugeMARCH 14, 2017

A seriously unstable Jason Pollock appeared on Fox News for an interview about his ridiculous, and entirely false, documentary claims.  What happened next is rather unsettling – the guy has a full psychotic reality break on television.


This is the sketchy guy CNN was promoting over the weekend in order to stir up racial animus on behalf of the agenda-driven social justice movement.

g l

Liberals are dangerous to society. Never vote Democrat again America. And I’m an ex democrat.
Dennis and Helen
Martha is the best. She just sits there and listens. Love her show
Quinton McHale
what..a…friggin’…. dooshbag !!!!! Only trying to make a buck off of black people.
John Witwer
What a worthless liar……Video shows Brown strong arm the…

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