This is going to be a tough battle to fix the mess the Democrats have made and who refuse to help fix that disaster.


Fear, hope and deportations

Rosa Maria Ortega near her home in Grand Prairie, Tex., outside Fort Worth. “I voted like a U.S. citizen,” she said. “The only thing is, I didn’t know I couldn’t vote.”

A Texas woman ‘voted like a U.S. citizen.’…

This is a joke – this women is playing dumb – why didn’t she ask at the voting table?

It is time to have a cut off date for “anchor” babies.
The Washington Post

Mary Jordan, Kevin Sullivan

VALLEY VIEW, Tex. — At 4:30 a.m. on a windy Monday, Tamara Estes swallows vitamin B12 for energy and krill oil for her arthritic fingers. Even with her nightly Ambien, she is always up before the sun, getting ready for a job that reminds her of what infuriates her about America.

She drives a school bus on a route that winds through a North Texas neighborhood filled with undocumented…

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