Melting Snowflakes?

Its going to be hard but the budget does need to be cut down.

Desert Musings

Donald Trump unveiled a $1.5 Trillion budget yesterday, and as predictable, the snowflakes on Capitol Hill melted. Not just a little…they went ballistic. Now, I won’t say that their comments weren’t valid, because according to their belief system they were. I AM saying that Trump is on the right road to what a government SHOULD be…which is nothing like what the snowflakes WANT it to be.

The budget basically cuts a lot of domestic social spending in favor of the military and a down payment on “the wall”…the border wall between Mexico and the US. The “down payment” is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 Billion over the next year with $2.6 billion over the year in 2018. This will not achieve a total wall, and no, I didn’t see where Mexico was going to pay for it. But for Trump, it was going to accomplished.


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