LIMBAUGH: UNDERMINING Of American Elections Is Happening Today On Capitol Hill

I can not disagree with RUSH but Trump will not back down we picked a fighter not a RINO

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Published on Mar 20, 2017

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Dee Santiago

DNC acts like they want to know the truth about Russia hacks. BS, if that were true, they would have turned over their servers for inspection to further the proper investigation. They have refused to turn them over for years! Lying, cheating scumbag leftists!
Lex Taylor
Isn’t it ironic how concerned everyone was that Trump would undermine the validity of the election. But its totally okay that the media and CIA undermine the election of Trump.
Mr. Buttcheeks
People forget the DNC denied access to the FBI when the DNC claimed it was getting hacked by Russia during the election
And we have CNN broadcasters trying to reinforce their opinions with profanity as illustrated by Sanjee Gupta and Jake Tapper. Both have used profanity in the…

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