Panicked Democrat threatens Devin Nunes for supporting President Trump

If I were a Demorat I would keep my mouth shut and not make a fool of myself after their party and the news media did such a great job of making themselves look like total idiots!

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Trump surveillance update: Democrat Elijah Cummings wants to silence Devin Nunes with investigation, accuses Michael Flynn of lying.

Gail Fitches

LOL What a hoot! They are coming unglued.
paula green
They had this info of spying on Americans by Obama and NSA for 2 years they buried it. The dems kept their mouths shut!
Veronica Williams
You mean the way you undermined the Benghazi investigation? No, Mr. Cummings that isn’t at all what is going on here. Me. Nunes had good reason for handling things as he did. You all are corrupt and he had to protect that info from the hands of yourself and your crooked comrades!
Cloudwalker 57
you2 sobs are perfect 4 each other–yeh we know how bengazi was handled and whos side u were on commins

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