Dems Move to Block Supreme Court Nominee

The Demorats are not all that smart and will try to block Gorsuch no matter what!


From Crush the Street, by Brian LeDeay

This past week the hearings for supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch took place. Par for the course, the Democrat Senators tried to catch Judge Gorsuch in a “gotcha” moment but they failed. Utterly. Gorsuch handled himself with dignity and was clearly the smartest person in the room. He came off as likeable and understanding. Unfortunately, the hearings were merely  a formality, no matter how good Judge Gorsuch looked the Democrat leadership were always going to attempt to block the nomination. Immediately after the hearing were closed Senate Minority Leader Schumer sent out a tweet:

Judge Gorsuch’s nomination will face a cloture vote & as I’ve said, he will have to earn sixty votes for confirmation. My vote will be “No.”

Democrats feel confident that they…

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