Rachel Maddow Implies Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Disliked Clinton Due to Russian Propaganda

Is she insane — no wonder MSNBC is Fake News!

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 26, 2017

Rachel Maddow is taking McCarthyism to a new level by not-so-subtly suggesting that if you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter that dislikes Hillary Clinton… it’s not because you’re a logical human being capable of thinking for yourself, but because you were duped over by—of course—the Russians. Apparently, she doesn’t have much confidence in the intelligence of progressives.

John O'Malley

This is what I was afraid of. The establishment Dems will use Russia as an excuse to not look in the mirror. They will hand us another corporate douche in 2020.
Nobody made me dislike Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton.
Matthew Baran
Would she shut the fuck up? So sick of maddow
Tim Bradley
Rachel is dead to me.Oliver is not far behind. I’m sick of media shills actively deceiving the people for…

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