LIMBAUGH: ‘Tunnel Visioned Ideologue’ Evelyn Farkas May Have Outed Herself As Source Of Leaks

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Published on Mar 30, 2017

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Q Vet

She’s a fool
Cairo Alexander
is it her or is it us?…..government is about stealing and killing ……and arresting development of its subjected slaves.
ivo alfre
she must be served a subpoena to testify
Lock up all the leftist democrats from Obama and his ilk of misfits and grifters!
Ms. Farkas, time to lawyer up, sweetheart!
I believe Obama administration surveillanced on every republicans nominees
Gary Schwilling
Shouldn’t the AG instruct the FBI to interview her? How was the surveillance done? Who authorized the surveillance? Tons of questions…
That segment with Mika aired on March 2nd….just one or two days before the famous Trump tweet stating Obama “wiretapped” him…

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