Bernie Sanders – Dangerous, Stupid To Put Jobs, Survival Ahead Of Climate

What idiots the entire group of believers are!

tomfernandez28's Blog

By Rick Wells

Communist Bernie Sanders can’t help but sneer as Wolf Blitzer points out in his question that “President Trump signed sweeping executive order this week involving the Environmental Protection Agency, which officials said looks to curb the federal government’s enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change, uh, react to that move.”

Sanders is not a believer in private sector employment as a devotee of Soviet Union style economic success. He was happy driving around in his Lada when it was running or pushing it through the streets when it wasn’t. He and Jane looked forward to mother Russia providing them with a new one every twenty years, whether they needed it or not.

It’s not surprising that he would think it’s crazy to waste all of that effort on creating jobs when the government can simply declare that they exist, require attendance…

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