Donna Brazile Now Claims WikiLeaks’ DNC Emails “Bogus” After Admitting She Lied

How did all these incompetent people get into positions of power. Oh its politics and they are mostly attorneys, and its no secret what attorneys are.

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Published on Apr 3, 2017

Former Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile is continuing her media tour in an effort to repair her public image, and in the process, she is continuing to make a complete fool of herself. She once again contradicted herself by calling the authenticity of the WikiLeaks DNC emails into question, alleging they were “bogus.” This accusation comes just weeks after she admitted she will “forever regret” leaking a town hall question to Hillary Clinton, suggesting the contents of the emails were accurate. Donna can’t get her story straight.

rick lomar

In her mind, we’re either racist or sexist for criticizing her. So typical of neo-liberals like Donna to use identity politics as a force field. It’s a disservice to people who are truly victims of racism and sexism.
The Progressive Voice
Bullshit Donna, and you know it. You leaked…

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