Sunday Talks, CBS Continues Trying to Rehab Kamala Harris, Fails Miserably

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 26, 2021 | Sundance | 206 Comments

The most unqualified person to be installed in the position of Vice President is struggling badly.  Several attempts to rehabilitate her public image have failed miserably.  A new team was hired to try and rebrand her image, that too failed miserably.  Kamala Harris is a profoundly unserious person with few intellectual skills, and she requires constant assistance.  It must be very frustrating for those around her.

Today, CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan tries once again to elevate the image of Harris and fails.  You cannot create in someone a skillset that is light-years from their disposition.  Everything becomes a transparent pantomime, a performance of bad acting with a person who has not rehearsed, doesn’t know the plot, has not read the script, has spent no time with the other actors, and yet attempts to produce a performance.

The interview is lengthy, but I want to just draw your attention to a two minute segment that will highlight everything.  Listen to Kamala Harris discuss the current status of the Build Back Better bill, and the connected inflation that legislative spending creates.  [From 4:56 (prompted) to 7:00] WATCH:

That word salad of nothingness perfectly encapsulates Kamala Harris.  She has absolutely no idea what she is trying to say, because she has absolutely no idea what she is trying to talk about.  It’s not an issue of her being merely unqualified, the problem is much bigger, she’s completely clueless.  The team around her cannot make something out of nothing.

What I am describing above is not just visible to critics like you and me. The problem for Biden and Harris is that the majority of Democrats see Harris in exactly the same way, look at the comments section on YouTube.   Only corporate media and far, far left social justice types -who pretend not to know things- are supportive.  That’s why Harris could only gain 3% support from the Democrat base in the 2020 election.

From the outset of the Democrat primary race in 2020, corporate media have consistently focused on trying to make the gender of Harris her attribute for office.  Simultaneously, these same media voices have acted like an immature bunch of high school girls in a clique attempting to connect Kamala Harris to the American people, as if this was a contest for prom queen.  Everything about this effort creates cringe.

Kamala Harris was selected by the people who selected Joe Biden specifically because she is an empty vessel.  It is her complete lack of skills and abilities that made her the perfect candidate for those who were constructing the fake presidency of Joe Biden.  Harris’s lack of ability on everything is a feature they needed; her empty vessel status was not a flaw.

Just like Obama and company needed a stupid person as Director of National Intelligence, so they installed James Clapper – so too did the same crew need stupid in the VP role, so they selected Kamala Harris.   Exact same intents, exact same purposes.

CBS creates this pantomime, yet it is silly in all ways – even the optics.

Spread out the seats to make ‘social distancing’ seem professional or prudent for broadcast one minute….

…Forget the theatrics of social distancing the next minute:


All of it… the sum total of every bit of it…. is a consistently bad performance of epic proportions.

In short, Kamala Harris is the female version of Pete Buttigieg.

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