Self ImolaTED Cruz Appears with Tucker Carlson in Attempt to Regain Credibility, Fails Miserably

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The Texas Senator who has been morphing into a wolf like caricature, left himself naked to his enemies yesterday by his own choosing.   After proclaiming the J6 protestors were “violent terrorists”, the articulating stutterer must have realized he stood on a political landmine.

Ted Cruz quickly appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson in an attempt to regain credibility.  It’s interesting that Cruz chose the Tucker Carlson show for the effort, and it’s interesting that Carlson gave him the opportunity.  However, the result was predictable.  You cannot create authenticity where only inauthenticity exists.  If you try, what you end up with is a hole digger that keeps digging.  WATCH:

…”The more he spoke of his honor the faster we counted the spoons.”

You Too Are Probably So Done with This Insufferable J6 Pantomime, But Read This Article Anyway – Not Written by Me

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Today is one of those days where you just want to tune out the insufferable nonsense because, well, good grief, this DC effort is at such a stratospheric level of ridiculousness, that most sane and stable-minded people choose to part company with the political insanity.

However, to put the scale of these ridiculous narrative engineering efforts into their appropriate context, you might find this article worth reviewing – SEE HERE

“The truth is that above all, January 6 is a political myth, transformed from a historical event into an ideology designed to protect and stabilize a regime whose supporting institutions are deteriorating.” (read more)

~ Pedro Gonzalez

Kamala Harris Compares January 6 DC Protest to Pearl Harbor and September 11th Terrorist Attack

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Comrades, not to be outdone by her sycophants in media, the most unlikeable woman in American politics compared the January 6th DC protest to the December 7th, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11, 2001, al-qaeda terrorist attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon.

They are really trying, but the horse is still dead.

Governor Ron DeSantis Highlights the Political Motives of the DC Elites to Exploit Their Manufactured Jan 6th Event

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Comrades, we all knew the pearl-clutching would reach stratospheric proportions today as the leftists, democrats, communists, media and DC system, writ large, were intent on pushing the most over-the-top “threat to our democracy” claims around the January 6, 2021, protest anniversary.

In typical leftist form, the J6 events are now being compared to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11, 2021 terrorist attacks by the Biden administration.   However, before the day’s insufferable events began, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked his opinion of what would take place.  DeSantis rightly noted this is Christmas Day for the DC system.  They have been preparing for this day for almost a year.  WATCH:

In military terms, a “Charlie Foxtrot” is a cluster f**k.  One level below a FUBAR and one nudge higher than a SNAFU.

While Locking Down States, the Politicians Flee to Florida for Holidays

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There are numerous Democrats who have imposed un-American restrictions over COVID upon the people they represent but then fly to Florida to party and spend the holidays. Some have even been looking at property to buy. Then, they bash DeSantis every chance they get because they fear he could beat all of them in an election. The hypocrisy just never ends.

They Know What’s Coming, White House Puts Port Envoy on Podium to Discuss Supply Chain Issues

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The U.S. government does not operate in a vacuum without knowledge of what is happening and a solid perspective on what is likely to happen.  Whether they listen to the commonsense advisors, or whether the control officers intentionally keep counter positions away from the principle, is another matter; however, the officials generally know what is most likely to happen.

The White House put Port Envoy John D. Porcari, who is also intricately involved in the supply chain taskforce, on the podium today to discuss supply chain issues.   The full video of his remarks is posted below, but my spidey sense is telling me they know what we know, and they are starting to prepare for what will ultimately become impossible to ignore.  WATCH:

It’s not just a port issue, as we have discussed on these pages, the interventionist policies and regulations from the people creating the COVID response (writ large) have been fubar from the beginning. {Go Deep} When they shut down the restaurants and hospitality sector (2020 lockdowns), the advisors and bureaucrats triggered a cascading series of events inside the food supply chain.

I know it sounds weird to try and wrap your arms around, but those early decisions in 2020 created a problem that only a very few people could see and follow to its natural conclusion.

The 60/40 supply chain for food away from home (restaurants, fast-food locales, schools, cafeterias etc.), and food at home (supermarkets and grocery stores etc.), is not something you can just fiddle around with. {Go Deep}

Supply chains are challenging on their own. However, within the various supply chains, the supply chain for U.S. food distribution is the most complex supply chain in the world.  There’s nothing even close.  It was created by decades of free market operators following efficiencies of scale to produce the best, most wholesome and reliable food supply chain ever created.  In many ways it is our best national security advantage.

The free-market distribution system would eventually overcome the problem and reestablish its efficiencies.   However, given the scale of disruption -and the fact that catch up harvests are seasonal- it was obviously taking several years.

Most Americans were not aware going into the COVID mitigation effort that food consumption in the U.S. was a 60/40 proposition. Approximately 60% of all food was consumed “outside the home” (or food away from home), and 40% of all food consumed was food “inside the home” (grocery shoppers).

Food ‘outside the home’ includes restaurants, fast food locales, schools, corporate cafeterias, university lunchrooms, manufacturing cafeterias, hotels, food trucks, park and amusement food sellers and many more. Many of those venues are not thought about when people evaluate the overall U.S. food delivery system; however, this network was approximately 60 percent of all food consumption on a daily basis.

The ‘food away from home‘ sector has its own supply chain. Very few restaurants and venues (cited above) purchase food products from retail grocery outlets. As a result of the coronavirus mitigation effort, the ‘food away from home’ sector was reduced by 75% of daily food delivery operations. However, people still needed to eat. That meant retail food outlets, grocers, would see sales increases of 25 to 50 percent, depending on the area.

The retail consumer supply chain for manufactured and processed food products includes bulk storage to compensate for seasonality. As Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue noted in 2020, “There are over 800 commercial and public warehouses in the continental 48 states that store frozen products.”

Here is a snapshot of the food we had in storage at the end of February 2020: over 302 million pounds of frozen butter; 1.36 billion pounds of frozen cheese; 925 million pounds of frozen chicken; over 1 billion pounds of frozen fruit; nearly 2.04 billion pounds of frozen vegetables; 491 million pounds of frozen beef; and nearly 662 million pounds of frozen pork.

This bulk food storage is how the total U.S. consumer food supply ensures consistent availability even with weather impacts.  As a nation, we essentially stay one harvest ahead of demand by storing it and smoothing out any peak/valley shortfalls. There are a total of 175,642 commercial facilities involved in this supply chain across the country

The stored food supply is the originating resource for food manufacturers who process the ingredients into a variety of branded food products and distribute to your local supermarket. That bulk stored food, and the subsequent supply chain, is entirely separate from the fresh food supply chain used by restaurants, hotels, cafeterias etc.

For almost four months in 2020, the retail supply chain was operating way beyond capacity, as most “food away from home” was turned off or severely limited.  The burn rate of raw food products in storage jumped a stunning 40 percent.  Those bulk warehouses, the feeder pools for retail/consumer manufactured food products, started to run low as the various states kept making rules about restaurant capacity and venue availability due to COVID.

Believe me, we don’t want to find out what happens when those 800 mass storage facilities run out.  This “bigger picture” was not being considered by politically minded governors, DC politicians, and public health-centric advisors who focused exclusively on using the politics of the virus for control.

Here we are, two years later, and the currently empty shelves, in combination with layers of new short-sighted policy, are a downstream consequence of that originating disruption.

The best thing government could do to avoid a crisis would have been to do nothing.  Just let people go back to normal, and that would have allowed the market process to eventually correct itself.  However, they didn’t stop -and worse- the Biden administration started implementing massive policy changes (energy policy, regulatory policy, legislative policy, monetary policy) while simultaneously pumping COVID bailout money into the economy.

As the food sector tried to gain its footing, the wave of price increases driven by energy policy only made things worse.   We have been seeing these staggering price increases at the grocery store.  Then, at the worst possible time, the new Omicron narrative “a winter of death awaits” was pushed.  Now, the labor side of the supply chain equation is hit even harder stressing out every facet of the food distribution system.

Instead of just preparing for massive price increases, we are now preparing for massive shortages in this most important sector.

People are starting to see completely blown-out empty shelves and slow replenishment.   Soon, as a result of this situation worsening, there is very likely to be public pressure on government to solve the problem which, ironically and insufferably, the government intervention created.

How will the White House respond to demands that someone fix the problem of empty shelves?

You already know the answer to that question, and it isn’t good.

Here’s the full presser with John D. Porcari (prompted):

Senator Ted Cruz Calls J6 Protestors “Violent Terrorists Who Should Go to Jail for a Long, Long Time”

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Oh dear, this statement by Senator Ted Cruz is going to put Ms. Julie Kelly in quite a pickle.  Earlier today, Senator Cruz called the J6 protesting groups a bunch of “violent terrorists … who should go to jail for a long, long time.”

Readers of these pages will not find this mask slip by Cruz to be a big surprise; however, for the legions of Cruz-bots, who have avoided watching him turn into a wolfman type hybrid, literally, this could be problematic.  You only need to watch the first few seconds of this one minute video to see where Senator Cruz stands.  WATCH:

If the 2016 RNC convention speech didn’t shake off his supporters, perhaps this latest revelation will.   Wolfman Cruz is one small nudge to the right of the one-eyed Cheney from Texas.

Container Dwelling Fee Moratorium Ends Today

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The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the two most active ports in the US, will resume container dwelling fees as of today. The moratorium went into effect on October 25 as the California ports became a crowded parking lot for cargo ships. Port officials claim that this move has created a 41% decline in aging cargo on the docks.

The container dwelling fee charges carriers $100 per import container. Containers scheduled to arrive by truck have nine days before the fee is implemented, while those arriving by rail have only six days. The fee rises by an additional $100 per container for each day the ship sits stagnant.

Before the pandemic, dwelling periods for containers took around four days for local truck delivery and two days for rail delivery. It is now extremely common for ships to await docking for well over a week, at no fault of their own. There have been numerous reports of ships simply turning around as they could not offload.

If eliminating this fee actually caused a 41% decrease in aging cargo, then it seems premature to end the moratorium as the supply chain crisis is ongoing.

The Republican Political Club Begins 2022 Repeating What They Did in 2021

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Both the Democrat and Republican wings of the UniParty in Washington DC created and support the Fourth Branch of Government.  Political candidates from within the party machinery are an illusion of choice.  The GOPe wing advance their candidate position today as they did in 2021.

Politico led the effort in January 2021 to keep former South Carolina Governor, and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley elevated in the eyes of those who suffer from battered conservative syndrome {link}.

Today, the Heritage Foundation, the same outfit that provides the approved SCOTUS candidate choices, begins 2022 elevating Haley again {link}.

…”Mrs. Haley is arguably America’s most prominent female conservative leader. One day she could be America’s first female president. Her views matter, especially at a time when the United States is under the thumb of the most left-wing presidency in U.S. history”…

Some of you might get tired of me repeating the warning, but I am absolutely certain, having kept a close eye on the background moves, that Nikki Haley is the candidate of intent for the Republican political class in 2024 {Go Deep}.  I will not stop putting out this warning, because it is crystal clear the machinery inside the Republican club is operating under completely false pretenses.

The RNC want to give the illusion of support for MAGA conservatism because they need the base and donor activity.  However, every move they make on an operational level is exactly in line with their previous outlook toward cocktail class republicanism.  The MAGA base of support cannot trust this group and must not be blind or unguarded about the Machiavellian schemes they construct.

CTH has a full library of background details with links and citations about the issues and connections of Nikki Haley {SEE HERE}.   In 2022, the professional political class will coordinate with Haley to maneuver in/around the 2022 mid-terms.

The GOPe club will pay for private polling on a granular level for target races in the Republican primary.  They will filter through the Republican primary candidates looking for those with controllable outlooks, and they will inject funds to support them.  They will then carefully position Haley to support and endorse them after they test how the race is going.

Nikki Haley is anti-MAGA, but must play the role pretending to be supportive of the Trump base.  Fortunately for us, because she needs a club script and Wall Street sponsor instructions, her moves become transparent to see.  Do not look at the surface, look deeper in all things related to Nikki Haley.

A reminder quote from Nikki Haley in January 2021:  …“I don’t think [Trump’s] going to be in the picture,” she said, matter-of-factly. “I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.” […] “We need to acknowledge he let us down,” she said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”  (link)

Nikki Haley is anti-MAGA.  She is a wholly owned subsidiary politician for the globalist multinational corporations.

The political institutions who approve of, support, or coordinate with Nikki Haley -IN ANY CAPACITY- are part of the corrupt system within the Republican club.   Watch closely as this primary season unfolds.

Do not dismiss this activity just because you have a strong grasp on how this will unfold and would never support her.  The challenge is not about YOU having your eyes-wide-open, the larger challenge is to awaken those who do not pay as close attention.

No Republican politician will destroy Main Street USA faster than Nikki Haley.   You might consider her the female Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, but that’s not entirely accurate.  Jeb and Mitt work to the benefit of the multinationals through their connections to the old school club.  Mrs. Haley is weaker, newer to the club dynamic, and therefore far more dangerous than both, because she and her family are literally owned by the multinationals.

The Media’s Top Fairy Tales of 2021

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