Self ImolaTED Cruz Appears with Tucker Carlson in Attempt to Regain Credibility, Fails Miserably

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 6, 2022 | Sundance | 470 Comments

The Texas Senator who has been morphing into a wolf like caricature, left himself naked to his enemies yesterday by his own choosing.   After proclaiming the J6 protestors were “violent terrorists”, the articulating stutterer must have realized he stood on a political landmine.

Ted Cruz quickly appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson in an attempt to regain credibility.  It’s interesting that Cruz chose the Tucker Carlson show for the effort, and it’s interesting that Carlson gave him the opportunity.  However, the result was predictable.  You cannot create authenticity where only inauthenticity exists.  If you try, what you end up with is a hole digger that keeps digging.  WATCH:

…”The more he spoke of his honor the faster we counted the spoons.”

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