What Will our Collective Future Look Like in the Year 2050? Part Two, the Result of The Great Reset and Build Back Better

The picture below is a good visual example of what those that want to rule us i.e. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, Barack Obama and yes even Anthony Fauci would like it to be. I do not, for one second, think this is an exaggeration.  

Obviously, this is not a picture that any one that is not a multi billionaire would want to experience but there is one person on the planet that demands that this is what our future will be. That person is Klaus Schwab the creator of the World Economic Form (WEF). So what is the WEF? The WEF is an international non-government organization (NGO) founded by Klaus Schwab on January 24, 1971and located in Switzerland. The stated goal is to improving the status of the entire world. This is accomplished by training potential Global leaders on how best to rule the world and conducting an annual meeting in Davos Switzerland.  

Klaus Schwab’s Master Program

Klaus fist related book published in 2016 was The fourth Industrial Revolution where he predicted a future where AL, Robots and biotech advances would create a new world with wonderful things in it. I think during the years prior to publishing the book Bill Gates got involved with Schwab and they used the Marxist take over of the Environmental movement of Global and dangerous climate change as the tool to scare the population into agreeing to make radial change in energy production by switching from fossil fuel to wind and solar called “Green Energy” for short.

Klaus Schwab enlisted French economist Thierry Malleret to help him develop the plan for the New World Order that Schwab wanted to create and as I understand it Malleret help Schwab to develop his “Stakeholder Capitalism” with a new monetary system called “Modern Monetary Theory” or MMT. These were some of the key elements along with of his predictive advances in technology that would allow his New World Order (utopia) to actually work. This was all published the book COVID-19 The Great REST in 2020 just after the COVID-19. Also helping Schwab was Bill Gates who was getting into politics after leaving Microsoft. However, since he made a fortune while running the company he as now a multi-Billionaire.

I became aware of Gates’ plans for the world around 2005/6 after watching some of his TED talks, At that tome he was promoting net Zero CO2 emissions and showed an equation sowing how it could be done. Below is an image from Gates explaining it he theories about climate change. The following image it gates’ not mine.

Keep in mind that Gates’ view is the the wolds population need to be under One Billion which means that 90% of the worlds population must disappear. The remaining 10% would get all the energy from Green sources; however, since people bread out CO2 there is no way to ever get to net Zero. Some time between the end of Obama’s presidency and the start of the Trump Presidency all the Gates’ TED talks prior to 2010 on this subject disappeared only the newer ones that were less threatening were still there.

Part Three will continue the discussion.

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