ISIS is not some Podunk JV team as Obama has called them — and I don’t believe that he believed that when he said it. Personally it seems more that he wants them to prosper not be eliminated!

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MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia

This is a really large and serious problem that is getting worse by the day. Wake up people and see what is happening to your country before its to late!

80% of London Muslims Support ISIS

England has a really large problem as they have a lot of Muslims there and as you can see they support ISIS not the crown!

Democrat Party Threatens Registered Democrats in Mailer: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not”…

The Progressives (old Democrats are gone) will stop at nothing to achieve what they want! Unfortunately they are not always right and they drag the rest of us along with them to destruction as often as fame!

In 1931, Meteorologists Were Certain About The Relationship Between Solar Activity And Weather

My how things change and not always for the better — they were more right in 1931 then they are today!

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More good to know information on Ebloa!

Testing negative for Ebola is meaningless; the virus is not detectable for up to six weeks

From my understand of this subject this is a true statement.

Evidence of Why President Obama and Eric Holder Wanted Ferguson Missouri To Burn ?

Divide and conquer, its that simple! When they are done The Republic will be no more!

Fed-Up Marine Dad Confronts School Officials Over Daughter’s Mandatory Islam Assignment — Here’s How They Responded

Citizens wake up to what is going on in your school — this indoctrination must be stopped and stopped now!

Taking Back America

From The Blaze
Oct. 30, 2014 4:12pm | Jason Howerton

Kevin Wood, a Marine Corps veteran who fought and lost friends in Iraq, says he complained to school officials at La Plata High School in Maryland after his daughter was given a mandatory homework assignment about the religion of Islam. However, his request for an alternate assignment was denied and he was reportedly banned from his daughter’s school entirely.

The assignment in question reportedly required 11th grade students to write a three-page essay about the “five pillars” of Islam, Mecca and Mohammed.

“I don’t agree with it,” Wood told Fox News in a phone interview. “You can’t study God or Christianity in school. You’ve got atheist suing schools for saying ‘God’ in the pledge and not being able to say prayers before football games, but we can force-feed our kids Islam.”

Source: KDFW-TV

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Jihad Watch’s Spencer: US Muslims Seek, Get Special Status

America better wake up and stop this stuff!

Taking Back America

From NewsMax
Thursday, 04 Sep 2014 04:36 PM   |    By Sean Piccoli


Muslims in the United States who want to impose Islamic law on non-Muslims have succeeded in getting the federal government to back their demands for special rights and accomodations not available to people of other faiths, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

But saying so gets any critic of attempts to establish Muslim exceptionalism labeled a hater, bigot or racist, Spencer told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

“It needs to be emphasized that this is not a racial issue in the slightest,” said Spencer. “There are Islamic supremacists of all races and there are peaceful Muslims of all races.”

Spencer pointed to cases across the country in which federal agencies sided with Muslims seeking special privileges at the expense of other Americans’ customs, beliefs and employment practices, and he connected those efforts to a larger…

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