Pro-Trump Militia Numbers Explode in response to ‘Unhinged Leftists’

Militia against the snowflakes — yes I can see them now running now the streets with yellow water running now their pants legs.

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Mcdonough, Georgia, (CBS46) – A militia billing itself as a security force is vowing to protect the Second Amendment.

The Three Percent Security force, named after those who fought in the American revolution (It’s said – only three percent of the colonists fought against the king’s tyranny) says they’re preparing to “uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

They train like a military, “basic infantry man skills, everything from communications to combat lifesaving medical first aid.”

Founded in Henry County, the group started out as an anti- President Barack Obama group, before openly supporting President Donald Trump‘s run for President.

Y'all crazy M

Yeah baby! Protect this awesome country!!
The snowflakes have no chance
Michael Hurley
I don’t understand why the thought of a militia seems so foreign to people…after all it is mentioned in…

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