Napolitano Put On Ice By Fox For Reporting British Intelligence Spied On Trump For Obama

There was nothing that Obama wouldn’t do if he thought he could get away with it; now that Hillary lost he’s worried that some of his shit will come out as there are not many left to cover for him.

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By  Rick Wells

If you work for CNN, NBC, NYT or any of the mainstream media propagandists and base a story upon anonymous sources, three of them, which are credible, you’d be considered to have a reliable basis for  reporting the story. If you’re a conservative or worse, a libertarian, and you work for Fox you get put in the doghouse with a full bowl and water with a instructions to listen for the whistle, they’ll call you some day.

Andrew Napolitano has been too honest before, losing his own show on Fox after broadcasting his “What if you were silenced”video on his Freedom Watch program. Two other programs were cancelled at the same time, perhaps for cover, perhaps for ratings as the network claims.

Now he’s been put out to pasture for his report that cited three intelligence sources as having confirmed that British Intelligence,

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