The Great Devin Nunes: Obama Officials Face Five Years in Prison

The information is real so lets see what the Republicans do with it — something or like normal nothing.

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Published on Mar 23, 2017



“who invited the ghost of the communist past into our chambers again” – real Devin nunes quote when nancy pelosi was re-elected recently to be house minority leader
Lower Middle Class Patriots
obama is a queer indonesian muslim socialist……….and spy!!
Sherry Mercer
it’s straight up blackmail,Comey is up to his own shit in the paedophile ring
Ilove The Usa
Obama will be put in prison soon
Yesenia Rivera
5year for treason ,,, he should be hung,,,, for every person he killd
Andrew Hall
More news of evidence . No arrest . Why even report . Is this just a tactic to just piss Americans off distraction. Of something big going on and news just doing this to blindside us on some real truths.

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