Tip “Tap” Toe! A Smoking Gun? Trump was Indeed Spied On! # 2

Trump was spied on even more than all the rest of us!

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Published on Mar 24, 2017

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Shrub 1975

Who is this stupid women with the glasses???
Joe Radler
Fox should NEVER use Marie Harf. All those years of her lies as spokesperson of the State Department… its disgusting, and I for one don’t want to give her another platform to add her “creative fiction” to the national debate.
This woman is lying.
I hope the investigation makes this woman and others look foolish as they are!! We know there is no dough that this had Ob hands all over it!! Witch!!…>:{
D. Gregory
This former Obama spokeswoman in the glasses misrepresented what Nunes said, imagine that, Nunes said multiple Trump personnel were unmasked, not ‘may have been’ or ‘possibly’, he said…

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