Too many Generals and Admirals and not enough grunts and sailors; plus the needed equipment.


Chaffetz Leads Oversight Hearing Into Defense Dept. Waste Under Obama

March 25, 2017 134
(Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) Almost lost in all the hoopla over health-care bills and wiretapping allegations, the House Oversight Committee this week analyzed a topic of what could be major budgetary impact – namely, a reported $125 billion in possible, but unachieved, savings from the Department of Defense.

The DoD’s fumbling first was reported more than three months ago by the Washington Post, which said the Pentagon had “buried” the evidence (or at least tried to) of its own inefficiencies. The Pentagon’s own report had been completed way back in January of 2015, but, according to the Post’s Bob Woodward and Craig Whitlock, “after the project documented far more wasteful spending than expected, senior defense officials moved swiftly to kill it by discrediting and suppressing the results.”
The Post story went on to say that the plan…

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