NFL Week #7 – More Empty Seats Seed Doubt for Future of Commissioner…

The business decision of the NFL to isolate and ridicule well over half of their fan (customer) base will easily, very easily, go down in history as the most stunningly stupid decision in the history of any American business enterprise.

The vast majority of NFL fans held a middle-class, center-right, common sense, and patriotic outlook toward sports and entertainment overall.  In essence most of the NFL fan base are/were positively MAGA-minded.

It reflects the profound disconnect between the corporation and their customer base that the NFL didn’t recognize the danger in making social justice causes part of their business enterprise.  That blame lays squarely on the well paid leader of the NFL, Roger Goodell.

So, against the backdrop of increasingly empty stadiums on Sunday, it just doesn’t come as a surprise to see a report of Roger Goodell possibly not having his contract renewed yet:

(Via ESPN) The debate over NFL player protests during the national anthem has become so big within the league that it has delayed the completion of commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension, league sources told ESPN.

Goodell’s deal is still expected to be completed and has been papered, sources told ESPN, but the process has been slowed while the overwhelming majority of the NFL’s attention has been diverted to handling the anthem issue, which has affected TV ratings, merchandise sales and the country’s feelings about football.  […] “The anthem issue has overridden everything — and I do mean everything,” one source told ESPN. (read more)

A reasonable person would think there’s no way the owners of these billion dollar franchises would watch their entire organization collapse financially.  Yet, seemingly that’s exactly what’s happening. Social Justice Marxism is a toxic disease.

Check out these NFL stadiums, and the number of empty seats, from earlier today:

….And that’s just stadium attendance.  Imagine the loss in TV viewership, purchases of NFL gear and merchandise, and the larger impacts to the ancillary business spinoffs?   Really quite stunning.

CTH doubts it is even possible for the NFL to ever recapture themselves unless they take immediate and severe steps to reverse course.  Unfortunately, because the corrective action would require such a complete reversal; and because the NFL has gone so far past the line of no-return; it’s almost impossible to see a positive future for the league.

The NFL is deep into the financial death spiral.

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