Policeman Jeff Payne Arrests Nurse for Refusing to Take Blood from Unconscious patient

Salt Lake City and the university that runs the hospital have settled paying a Utah nurse Alex Wubbels $500,000 for an illegal and abusive arrest by a policeman Detective Jeff Payne who was demanding she take blood from an unconscious patient in violation of his rights. She refused to take his blood without a warrant. The video of her arrest had sparked public outrage at the abuse of the police. Because courts defend the police and they are rarely ever prosecuted, these policies encourage some to be just abusive knowing they can do whatever they want.

Those police officers who are respectful have got to realize that all police officers like this are ruining their own image of those who do respect the public.

One comment on “Policeman Jeff Payne Arrests Nurse for Refusing to Take Blood from Unconscious patient

  1. Personally, I must disagree. I know that things have changed since I retired in the 20th century, but driving is a privilege and not a right. States belong to the Uniform Compact of States, and part of accepting a driver’s license is, that if under suspicion of driving while intoxicated/under the influence, a motorist is agreeing to chemical testing of breath and blood. The court decision and dismissal of the detective, is a very bad precedence. Not only is the two hour time limit violated, but the message sent is to ignore drunk/drugged drivers, which will only result unfortunately, in loss of lives, and damage to property. That will reflect on insurance rates. The nurse clearly, was Obstructing Governmental Administration. Nothing new. Most doctors like to play god. They also demand arrestees have the handcuffs removed, and I used to warn doctors, but they insisted. So when the cuffs came off, the arrestee usually goes violent and I step back and ignore it. Security can handle it. When doctors get beat up, then they ask the next time, if the cuffs can come off. The incident, if it were associated with a fatality or serious physical injury involved due to the accident, the doctor becomes an associate/companion arrest, with the motorist. Probably everything changed, and it would not surprise me.


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