President Trump Cancels Secret Meeting With Taliban Leadership at Camp David…

Wow. This secret meeting is surprising on many levels….

Big Picture:  President Trump wants to get out of Afghanistan.  Pakistan is on the supportive side of the Taliban terrorists. India is on the supportive side of the Afghanistan government. China is the biggest financial supporter of Pakistan government. India is big  financial supporter of the Afghanistan government.

U.S. President Trump has told Pakistan he expects them to bring the Taliban to the table of negotiation with the Afghanistan government.  To stimulate this outcome the U.S. has withdrawn financial support for Pakistan, pending progress. However, Pakistan replaced U.S. support with larger financial investment by China.

So in the background the Taliban terrorists are hiding behind the skirt of China; while the U.S. and India try to drag the Taliban out of that safe place.  It’s a mess; but now we know the motives behind why this was happening…

Last year President Trump tweeted about the “Pakistani Mystery Man” and the transparent media avoided the story like it was political Ebola.

Learn About Pakistani Mystery Man HERE

The results of the Pakistan intrusion into the U.S. political systems was almost guaranteed to be part of an operation to send the intelligence to China.

Unfortunately, the ramifications for a corrupted branch of government, via Democrats inside the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), led to the U.S. Department of Justice covering up the massive scandal and quickly sweeping the Pakistani infiltrators out of the United States.

It’s essentially the same thing the DOJ did with Senate Select Committee on Intelligence infiltrator and intelligence leaker, Security Director James Wolfe.  Again, the DOJ hiding jaw-dropping intelligence corruption within a branch of government.

Turn the page, and keep reading and you discover, Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spies in her office… while she was Chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence… Outcome?  Same/Same.

Anyone noting a pattern yet?…

Just sayin’

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