As Expected, Timeline of January 6th Commission Highlights Mid-Term Election Intent

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 28, 2021 | Sundance | 119 Comments

The Washington Post, the primary outlet for the Fourth Branch of government operations, is publishing information from the Lawfare operatives that work inside the Jan-6 committee showing their timeline.

Deep state operative Mary McCord (not named but transparently visible) and administrative insiders tell WaPo, “The rough timeline being discussed among senior committee staffers includes public hearings starting this winter and stretching into spring, followed by an interim report in the summer and a final report ahead of November’s elections.

The early 2022 hearings will target GOP primary candidates and the effort of Democrats to influence the primary elections.

The summer interim report will be dropped after the primary races are finished and will be intended to influence the summer campaign season.  The final report will drop as the coordinated DNC/Lawfare “October surprise”.  None of this should come as a surprise to those who follow the deep weeds of DC politics.

The coordinated Lawfare and Democrat fingerprints are obvious even in the WaPo report.  The Legislative Branch will work with the Fourth Branch (intelligence apparatus writ large) to blend the senate “federal election reform bill” with the recommendations from the J6 committee:

[…] ” The public business meeting earlier this month, where panel members revealed a sliver of the 9,000 documents and records provided by Meadows, was a taste of what it hopes to accomplish in hearings throughout 2022: a dramatic presentation of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Trump, his allies and anyone involved in the attack or the attempt to overturn the election results.

[…] The panel will continue to collect information and seek testimony from willing witnesses and those who have been reluctant — a group that now includes Republican members of Congress. It is examining whether to recommend that the Justice Department pursue charges against anyone, including former president Donald Trump, and whether legislative proposals are needed to help prevent valid election results from being overturned in the future.” (more)

Anyone who cannot see this coordinated political framework is willfully blind at this point.  Additionally, any GOP member who does not publicly point out the political intent of this effort is, as we say, a DeceptiCon.

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