Mainstream Media Attempt to Claim CDC Guidance Change Is an Effort to Reduce Risk of Transmission, Despite Fauci Admissions the Quarantine Changes Are All About Economics

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 28, 2021 | Sundance | 101 Comments

The CDC changed guidance on quarantine times yesterday, highlighting their motive as always driven by politics and money, not public health {Go Deep}.  Many people immediately recognized this, but the visible intent of the change is problematic for the government institutions.

To defend the administrative state, the media -incapable of admitting what is transparently obvious- now need to reconcile the CDC quarantine changes through the false prism of public health.

The result is 100 percent demonstrable gaslighting.  Look at this spin:

(Philly Inquirer) – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidelines this week for what people should do if they’re exposed to or contract COVID-19, following new research that shows most transmission occurs early in the course of illness.

The update comes as people return home from holiday gatherings with friends and family, and schools prepare to reopen — as the highly contagious omicron strain continues to spread. The new guidelines, which reduce the amount of time asymptomatic people must quarantine at home after exposure, are an attempt to reduce the risk of transmission while minimizing the disruption to people’s daily routines.” (read more)

Everything about that claimed justification for the quarantine changes is demonstrably and provably false.

Last night Dr. Anthony Fauci openly admitted the only reason the CDC changed the quarantine times was because they needed to help corporate employers reduce sick time, or time “out” of work.

Understanding the justification for changing the CDC rules so drastically might sound like a debate in semantics, however, it isn’t.  The motive behind the change is very important, because it shows just how political the rules and mandates are.   This will be an issue for the Supreme Court in a week, and the motive for this change should be a key argument in the case against the vaccine mandate.

The change has nothing to do with public health.  As noted at the very beginning of the Fauci segment above, the rule change was driven exclusively for economic reasons.  Employers could not continue maintaining operations if sick or exposed workers were recommended to remain in quarantine for ten days.

The issues which triggered the CDC change are: (1) sick time, (2) sick pay, and (3) time away from work.

The issue was NOT public health.  The issue is a matter of economics, or the financial health of the corporations.


As you can see, despite the media gaslighting, the truth of the issue is not “public health” or “preventing the transmission of the disease“.  The true issue is the financial health of the corporations and employers that may have their operations disrupted.

Less than a week after Delta sent this letter to the CDC, the guidance was changed.  Corporatism is driving COVID-19 policy.

Corporatism has always been driving COVID-19 policy. That’s why WalMart, Target and Big Box corporate retailers, those who have massive lobbying resources, were permitted to remain open during the 2020 economic lockdowns, while Mom-n-Pop small independent businesses were shut down.

If the lawyers do not point this out during their Supreme Court arguments, they are deficient in their duty.

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