Central Banks Funding COVID

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Australia Committing Tyrannical Economic Suicide

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If there was ever a politician who will be dragged from his chamber in a revolution, history would point to Daniel Andrews. Now he is throwing anyone who opposes his authoritarian measures out of Parliament. The Western powers invaded Iraq and wanted to invade Syria on the premise that they were abusing their people as dictators. None of the actions of Saddam Hussein come close to what Andrews has done to those who live in Victoria. He has now imposed an absolute mandate for vaccines, all for a disease that Scandinavia has downgraded to the equivalent of the flu.

Real GDP at Constant National Prices for Australia peaked in 2018. If people like Andrews remain in power, then this three-year decline, which is a reaction so far, will turn into a trend, meaning that Australia’s economy will decline further into 2023. The damage to the economy will become permanent if this declines beyond 2023. Indeed, Australia became independent only in 1931. Thus, the high in 2018 was on target for an important high on our Economic Confidence Model. This warns that as long as the 2018 high stands, then the decline could unfold over a 19-year period into 2037.

Tim Quilty has objected to being removed from Parliament simply because he is the opposition to Andrews.

Meanwhile, Daniel Andrews will be remembered by history as the man who destroyed Australians’ freedom and their economy. It is shocking how economists are not screaming from the rooftops (since they cannot leave their homes) that the damage to the economy is so stark, it could take decades ever to recover. More on this at the World Economic Conference.

Italians Against the Green Pass

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Italians are taking to the streets to protest the country’s “Green Pass” mandate that requires public and private sector workers to present a vaccine passport or risk facing a suspension and a $1,730 (€1,500) fine. Workers also have the ability to prevent a 48-hour negative test, but that is meant to be an inconvenience for workers and is completely unsustainable.

Thousands of protestors have gathered across the entire country to demand “NO GREEN PASS!” Notably, workers at the port in Trieste, Italy, have gone on strike and have refused to deliver goods into the port city, causing massive disruptions in supply chain operations. Locals brought protesters food and joined in on the protest. There is a common enemy – government.

A few days after the protests in Trieste began, the government turned the peaceful protest into a police sweep. “Scenes from the port of Trieste that make you shiver. The police with fire hydrants against the demonstrators. Things from [a] full authoritarian regime. Meanwhile, the unions are hugging their boss Mario Draghi – accusation – a former Goldman Sachs banker. And they sound the alarm of fascism in the very act with which they do not support workers on the ground,” Italian author Diego Fusaro wrote online (translated to English). Mario Draghi threw his people to the wolves after joining the euro while working for the ECB. The bank’s failure to consolidate debts left Italy in a worse financial situation than when they were on the lira. As prime minister, Draghi extended lockdowns in a country widely dependent on tourism. Once again, Draghi proves that he is against the Italian people and should be removed from office.

Sunday Talks, Lee Smith: Autocratic Scrutiny Begins Right Here at Home

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Lee Smith is the one American journalist who really understands the dynamics at the heart of the issues we face.  In my opinion he is likely the best thinking journalist and writer in the nation at this moment in time.   Lee doesn’t spend time waxing philosophically about the significant challenges being faced by ordinary Americans, instead he cuts right to the heart of the subject and frames his arguments and insight in terms that appeal to logic and commonsense; a no BS approach.

In this interview Smith gives his perspective on China and a host of topics.  Smith smartly contrasts the typical views toward China against the backdrop of an autocratic government that is currently operating at the top of the executive branch and in many states across the nation.  Scrutiny is rightfully deserved right here in the U.S, “If we’re looking abroad to resist or push back against autocratic measures, we should be looking much more closely here at home.”

When the discussion moves into the conversation around the vaccine, Lee Smith nails all the points.  Fantastic points raised about the U.S. social fabric, legal structures and the need for a connective tissue to bind the members of the Rebel Alliance. This interview is well worth 22 minutes of your time.  WATCH:

PM Trudeau and Canadian Government Ban Phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” From Any Government Correspondence

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There’s a funny irony in the Canadian government putting the forbidden phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” into a formal notification letter to government employees telling them not to use the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon“, or they will face “immediate termination without recourse”.


Ridicule is an important weapon…

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Highlights The Important Challenges of Deepened Importance Becoming Increasingly Important

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No politician in history -sans Carly Fiorina- is as intellectually deficient on any policy yet resoundingly skilled at parseltongue sentence structures as Alfred E. Newman, aka Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The ability to speak in structured sentence soundbites, that mean absolutely nothing, was and is his forte.

When Barack Obama and James Clyburn were organizing the pathway for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, they reached out in March to the remaining candidates and told each of them they were going to withdraw.   Each candidate was given an offer they could not refuse along with a question of what terms it would take to get them out of the race and support the avatar that was/is Joe Biden.

Having watched the Buttigieg snap-n-pop candidacy, it was obvious his terms involved getting an innocuous job that would provide him and his husband enough graft to facilitate their lifestyle.  Obama and Clyburn offered Alfred E. Newman the job of Secretary of Transportation. Pete Buttigieg’s curriculum vitae included that he held a drivers license, so he gleefully exclaimed his qualifications and accepted the job.

The guy is an absolute doofus; a soy version of Greta Thunberg, who is incapable of speaking about anything that makes any sense.  He is a caricature of the person who thinks they know something, so they speak in weird sentences that amount to total gibberish.   WATCH:

“What I can tell you is that we are doing everything for the short term and the long term and we will work through the factors that present themselves as challenges in the terms that we encounter on everything.  … The significant problems are not problem of insignificance because they are not important problems, they are significant challenges because of the importance of their significance and we are addressing them in both long and short term solutions. … This is important, not just morally but also economically, because the challenges are what we need to recognize as important maintenance issue challenges.”  

Sunday Talks – No You’re Not Crazy, YOU are a Doer

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Often on Sundays, we take snippets of media political discussion and deconstruct the false premise while overlaying the reality ignored by the propaganda.  This is not that.

In this short Sunday talk, we share the voice of a nurse who is very centered in the issues we face and share her wisdom, advice and encouragement.  “Patriot Nurse discusses the nature of compliance and human servitude. When you’re looking around and everyone else seems to be complying, don’t feel bad for being the lone man standing.”  WATCH:

Expanding on the outlook to overlay the issues surrounding forced vaccines in the workplace and all the propaganda therein.  Allow me to share some insight about YOUR value and YOUR worth from the perspective of a person who spent a lifetime engaged in complex systems with large numbers of people.

It may be an uncomfortable or politically incorrect thing to say in modern times; however, twenty percent of the workers in your system of employment deliver eighty percent of the productivity.  Yes, 20% of the workforce around you delivers 80% of the result.  This natural truth has been consistent for decades, and within that truism is the nature of man.

What you need to remember is.. If you are reading this, YOU are almost certain to be part of that twenty percentile that your employer or system operator depends on.  You are a doer.

You are likely one of the top performers at your job.

You are the person they rely upon.

YOU are the most critical worker in a system that is mostly comprised of less productive people – and that fundamental truth is the important part to remember when you consider the impact of non compliance with the vaccine mandate.

If doers do not perform their function, it is not the same as the generic Sally Smith not showing up to work.  The twenty percent of the workforce that are doers produce eighty percent of the result.   Ask any leader within any large organization or operation and they will affirm this basic truth.

Doers are smart, they are beyond average in intelligence, and once they understand the mission objective they will solve problems independently.   Doers are not sheep.  They are smart enough to do independent research and become well skilled and knowledgeable on any issue that is elevated in importance.

Doers don’t just dive into a project without thinking. They control their enthusiasm long enough to formulate wise objectives and figure out a production plan in order to succeed in whatever they’re set to do. Doers give themselves enough time to think and plan, but they don’t stand around debating, they SOLVE.

Doers challenge the status quo, looking for ways to improve their task efficiency. Doers do not skimp on quality despite their drive to accomplish tasks. Though they thrive on increased productivity, and enjoy seeing improvements quantified, doers make sure to retain and improve standards for quality.

Doers are self-motivated. They look forward to working hard and they keep an internal score on their own accomplishments. Doers are proficient at their tasks, and they have an exceptional work ethic. They fuel their internal drive by setting more and more challenging goals for themselves and seek continuous improvement.

Doers don’t sit around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Doers accomplish goals and objectives with a speed and efficiency that is often annoying for those who do need to be told what to do. Doers tend to move on quickly to the next task at hand right after they finish their last one. However, doers also appreciate pausing to review their success and they enjoy watching reasonable celebration for achievement – but they don’t dwell on it, they self-motivate to the next goal.

These traits likely sound familiar to you because YOU are a doer. YOU are part of the critical 20 percent of the larger group who accomplish 80 percent of the work. So, when you contemplate that only 20% of the workforce may stand resolute in their independent thoughts for not accepting a forced medical intervention as a condition for employment; remember, that twenty percent are the most critical of critical workers.

That 20% of independent, self-motivated, exceptionally productive – perhaps to a fault at times, workforce are the backbone of any operation, institution, system or workplace. Those who own or manage the workplace know exactly who that 20% are; and they will not want to lose the doers.

The employers and managers will not want to lose the doers, because they know the doers are the ones who can keep hundreds of plates spinning on sticks without being told which plate is wobbling; and which plate needs attention. Those who are in charge of keeping the plates spinning know the system will collapse if they are only left with plate spinners who need to be told which stick needs attention. The bosses know they will exhaust themselves having to give constant direction to the non-doers.

You are not crazy.

You are a doer.

YOU are critical.

Now, it is time for you to leverage your work ethic by reminding the system operator that you are not participating in the madness of the forced vaccinations. Believe me, if the bosses (writ large) know the doers are not going to comply, they will radically modify their own perspectives on any mandate.  The system cannot lose the doers.

THAT my friends is how critical you are.

….Leverage that!


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Be watchful this is coming to the US as well, or maybe its already is there?

Facebook Hearings Parody

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The usually left-leaning Saturday Night Live mocked the recent Facebook whistleblower testimony. Although it is still left-leaning, the writers must have realized that most US lawmakers are completely out of touch with reality and the very issues they make decisions on. They display false outrage but fail to act. “What Facebook has done is disgraceful, and you better believe Congress will be taking action right after we pass the infrastructure bill, raise the debt ceiling, prosecute those responsible for the January 6 insurrection, and stop Trump from using executive privilege, even though he’s no longer president. But after all that, you watch out, Facebook,” Senator Dianne Feinstein’s character commented.

It would be funny if it were not true, and I contemplate whether to categorize this as humor. In the skit, Senator John Neely Kennedy’s character was perplexed by the Facebook algorithm, and well, algorithms in general. “You’ve told us a lot of disturbing information about this so-called ‘algorithm.’ I just want to clear up a few points… Where is it? Do you have it with you now?” he questioned. I have faced similar interrogations over Socrates’ algorithm. The government wants what they cannot have and do not understand. These are the people we are expected to trust to dictate our future.

Victoria, Australia, Police Speak Out

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