Obama Release Of Secret Report On Israel Nukes Betrays Ally

Obama is also betraying America.

By Paul Eldelberg

Therefore, as a former officer in the United States Air Force, I call on all Americans to devise ways and means short of violence–but not excluding massive civil disobedience on a state and national level — to compel Barack  Obama — who is (1) disarming America, (2) destroying her economy, (3) betraying our NATO Allies in Europe, (4) scorning out Declaration and Federal Constitution, thus serving, in effect, either as an instrument or an agent, of Global Islam.

Accordingly, I urge all patriotic Americans to speak up and organize local and national protest movements with the objective of pressing all members of Congress to demand Obama to resign from office.

And if this fails, to support the proposals of former members of Congress Lt. Col. Allen White and Michelle Bachmann to initiate impeachment proceedings against Obama, and for this purpose to rally support from eminent Black American such as Alan Keyes, who tried to get BO disqualified for the Presidency on legal grounds in 2008.

A Matter of Urgent Importance

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

President Barack Obama is deliberately disarming America. He is deliberately alienating America’s European allies. He is doing this while Russia is expanding its influence in the Balkans, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet threatens NATO’s southern front along the Mediterranean.

I therefore urge my readers to ponder and devise ways and means of lawfully removing Barack Obama from office. Impeachment has been proposed by former members of Congress such as Allen West and Michelle Bachmann. However, this is not only an exceedingly slow and uncertain process, but it will be exploited to foment racial conflict.

More effective are Congressional investigations of Obama’s abuses of executive powers.  Also required are serious exposés of Obama’s “pro-Muslim” appointments to the executive branch, exposés articulated by eminent Americans.

Also important are exposés of Obama’s disparaging statements regarding America’s foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federal Constitution.

Such exposés can facilitate protest movements across the nation and in Washington, D.C., calling for Obama’s resignation.

Public attention should be focused on Obama’s Muslim sympathies. The public should clearly recognize that Obama’s fundamental and all-consuming objective is to terminate America’s role as the leader of the Free World.

Without America’s benign leadership, the world will descend into anarchy – which is occurring while I write this article.

But this anarchy is only the prelude of a New World Order, a Worldwide Islamic Caliphate, the Mullocracy envisioned by the Ayatollahs of Iran, a Totalitarian regime extending beyond that of the Persian Empire of antiquity.◙


Experts Seek Absolute Consensus

So is this system going to replace what NOAA does? If not what is the point — and besides correlation does not mean causation!

Real Science

The fake 97% consensus for their junk science isn’t enough. Now they seek absolute consensus.

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He who controls the language wins?

This is EXACTLY RIGHT and its nothing New Speak!


An excellent article from Science 2.0 on climate change not causing extreme weather.  Except we are using climate change and extreme weather. 

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CIA official who directed hunt for bin Laden is being removed from post


Actually its even worse than that because most of the job that Obama has created are minimum or low wags jobs and also part time..

Judge Jeanine: Why is Obama dancing with the devil?

Analysis of Objectives of Common Core

The following is a critique on the principles embodied in the Common Core national education standards currently being implemented in the United States. There are fundamental problems with the stated goals so one can only assume there is more going on here than we are being told. I think the parents of our current school children feel this “issue” and that is why there is so much opposition developing to the program.

The following is generally accepted as true:

.1% of the population has an IQ of 55 or less

2.1% of the population has an IQ of between 55 and 70

13.6% of the population has an IQ of between 70 and 85

34.1% of the population has an IQ of between 85 and 100

34.1% of the population has an IQ of between 100 and 115

13.6% of the population has an IQ of between 115 and 130

2.1% of the population has an IQ of between 130 and 145

.1% of the population has an IQ of over 145

To get into college and presumed graduate it was understood in the 50’ and 60’s that you would need a minimum IQ of 115; preferably over 120. Based on the accepted IQ distribution that would indicate that only 15.8% of the population could be college ready and of that group probably less than half would graduate for various reasons. The following short paragraphs contain statistics and numbers to show a problem, the actual numbers and percentages will be slightly different than those presented here but the principles presented will hold.

The corollary of that would be that 68.2% of the population would have to find work that would not require college but could be high school graduates. An additional 13.6% could find work but would not graduate from high school. The rest 2.2% would be dependent on others for there well being.

The stated goal of Common Core is to make every high school graduate college ready and the corollary would be, all who would go to college would graduate, otherwise why would anyone go to college. The problem with Common Core is there are only two ways to even come close to achieving the stated gold of all high school graduates being college ready.

The first is that 84.0% of the population could not graduate from high school.

The other way is that the minimum IQ to enter college would have to be lowered to say 100 which would mean that 50% of the population could go to college but only say 8% of the population would graduate. The corollary of that would be that 50.0% of the population would not graduate from high school.

Other combinations are, of course, possible but only 8 to 10% of the population can actually graduate from college unless we lower the standards to graduate from college from what they were in the 50’s and the 60’s

I wrote my undergrad thesis in economics on this very subject in 1965 and I did get an A on it so my professor did not disagree with the conclusions; although I must say that the thesis was written as a academic paper and approached from a slightly different angle, that being that as a technology based society developed jobs would have to be found for those that would not have the mental ability to work in technical fields.

Obama Declares War on Israel

Its looking more and more like Obama wants to be the next Muslim Caliphate; the only real issue is, is he Sunni or Shea?.