Another Crushing Blow to the Climate Fearmongers

Internationally-known climate alarmist defects

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Michael Schellenberger

On his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative commentator Dennis Prager recently interviewed someone most people have never heard of: Michael Schellenberger. A passionate defender of the planet, the 49-year-old environmentalist is shown below in a picture taken in 1995 in Maranhão, Brazil.

A TIME magazine “Hero of the Environment” and Green Book Award recipient, Schellenberger is a lifelong Democrat and environmental activist. An internationally respected energy expert, he has been asked by Congress to provide objective expert testimony, and was invited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to serve as an Expert Reviewer of its next Assessment Report. A frequent contributor to The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Scientific American, Schellenberger has been one of the world’s most vocal environmental alarmists for the last 30 years.

On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare

That was then.

In a 180-degree turn after realizing he’d participated in the two greatest scientific scandals in history — man-made global warming theory and renewable energy — Schellenberger is now offering a full-throated apology for assisting the climate fear industry in its relentless campaign to win support for draconian cutbacks in fossil fuel energy by terrorizing people of the world with hysterical claims of imminent climate collapse. 

The most high profile victim of that terror campaign was brainwashed with horrifying climate propaganda when she was eight.  Nine years later and now a true believer, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has become a deeply traumatized young woman, as shown in this 48-sec. clip.  Shellenberger’s website reports a survey showing that one in five children in the UK are suffering nightmares about Earth’s ever-changing climate.

Schellenberger, who believes nuclear energy is the only feasible way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels without crashing western economies, formally announced his mea culpa in an article titled, “On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare.” The article was published by Forbes, only to be taken down three days later without explanation, which shows that the dying climate fear industry still has enough clout to silence dissenting views. Schellenberger’s article, which I highly recommend, can be seen on his website.

Here are a few of his observations, each of which undercuts climate propaganda used to terrorize children (future voters) and other easily indoctrinated people:

  • Climate change is happening, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.
  • Humans are not causing a “sixth mass extinction.” Habitat loss and the killing of wild animals for food and body parts are greater threats to endangered species than climate change.
  • The Amazon is not the “lungs of the Earth.”
  • Fires around the world have declined 25% since 2003. The combination of a build-up of natural fuel (dead trees, underbrush) plus more houses near forests, not climate change, is why California and Australia recently experienced catastrophic fires.

Bottom Line: We’ve Been Fed a Pack of Lies

Bottom Line: We’ve Been Fed a Pack of Lies

Their apocalyptic predictions having failed to materialize for decades on end, the climate fear lobby defaulted to one of the Third Reich’s most effective propaganda techniques. Known as the “Big Lie,” it goes like this: If you’re going to lie, make it a Big Lie, keep repeating it and people will believe it. One of their biggest Big Lies is the terrifying claim that coastal cities face imminent demise due to global warming.

At the 2014 New York Times’ DealBook conference, Al Gore said, “I was in Miami a few weeks ago, and on a sunny day, fish from the ocean were swimming in some of the streets.”  In attempting to frighten voters to think the entire city would soon be submerged, Gore blamed the incident on melting ice caused by global warning.

No so.

According to Miami’s TV7 News, the National Weather Service attributed the flooding to a combination of causes, primarily “high astronomical tides due to the lunar cycle.” In other words, melting ice from global warming didn’t cause the flooding.  The moon did.

Like other coastal cities, Miami does have issues with flooding.  But despite Gore’s doomsday preachings, the city’s contemporary coastline appears the same as it did nearly a hundred years ago.  The side by side comparison below is from Schellenberger’s website, and is used here with his permission.

Miami Beach: Then and Now

Miami Beach: Then and Now


Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All

Al Gore: Elmer Gantry of “saving the planet”

Shellenberger’s must-read new book, “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All,” comes on the heels of another crushing blow to the climate fearmongers. Earlier this year, Michael Moore’s jaw-dropping “Planet of the Humans” was released. The feature length documentary, which can be seen for free on YouTube, exposes “renewable energy” for what it is: a brazen environmental hoax that’s done little more than pour billions of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of Al Gore and other climate snake oil salesmen.

The increasingly discredited theory that human use of fossil fuels is rapidly destroying the planet is also a hoax, which I wrote about in “The Cynical Plot behind Global Warming Hysteria.” Despite what’s reported by the corrupt western media establishment, renewable energy and AGW theory are not about saving the planet. They’re about amassing wealth and authoritarian political power in the hands of a few.

Some additional words about the Elmer Gantry of “saving the planet”

Global movements that demand trillions of dollars in new taxes should be judged by the credibility of their most outspoken advocates. In the environmental arena, no one is more outspoken than Al Gore. Few insiders have personally profited from the renewable energy scam more than the former vice president.

When he left office in 2001, his net worth was estimated at $1 million to $2 million. Since then, his wealth has skyrocketed to $300 million, and if the climate change legislation he advocates is enacted, he stands to become a billionaire. Much of his enviable fortune has come as an inside investor in government-backed renewable energy projects, many of which went belly-up, but not before politically connected insiders made off with millions, leaving hardworking U.S. taxpayers stuck with the bill.

Like all wealthy eco-preachers, the Elmer Gantry of renewable energy uses his immense wealth to indulge in lavish living. When asked by Rep. Marsha Blackburn during his 2009 testimony before Congress whether he personally profits from his advocacy of global warming, Pastor Al professed a vow of poverty: “Every penny I have made I have put into a non-profit deal, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge. And Congresswoman, if you believe the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is out of greed, you do not know me.” If you’ve never seen the tense encounter, you do not want to miss it:

Turned out Rep. Blackburn knows him quite well. As the proud owner of a gargantuan green energy fortune, Pastor Al looked her squarely in the eye and denied making even a penny of profit. If every penny he makes goes into a non-profit deal, how did he end up with $300 million? The same way his alter ego pilfered money from the Lord: by concealing his true stripes.

Please consider buying a copy of Michael Schellenberger’s important new book and sharing his pro-nuclear energy message with your friends.

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