President Trump Holds a News Conference at The White House…

Earlier today President Trump held a news conference at the White House to discuss current events that are of interest to the nation. [Video Below – Transcript Will Follow]

Healing, Not Hatred…

A video recap of President Trump’s earlier remarks on the tragic death of George Floyd.

According To Some Archbishops Only Some People Are Welcome To Pray At Shrines

Religious freedom is under unrelenting attack by an enemy who works to deplatform prayer

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 4, 2020

President and First Lady at Saint John Paul II National Shrine

In these darkest of days, intended to drive the masses into despair, the archbishop of Washington will go on to serve—albeit unwillingly—as a lifelong reminder that clerics and governments may be able to shut the masses out of houses of worship—but will find it frustratingly impossible to shut them out of Prayer.

By shutting down all churches as an unnecessary means to curb the spread of Coronavirus, all participating governments and clerics have ingloriously painted themselves into a corner from which there is no return.

As long as it lasts, the church shutdown is only making people of faith increasingly aware that they don’t have to have brick and mortar buildings in order to pray.

In other words, Coronavirus made the churches of the day, the homes of all of those denied being able to go to church.

Private homes are now what churches are supposed to be—Houses of Worship where people gather to pray.

Only the Almighty can rightfully lay claim to owning all churches.  The archbishop of Washington cannot possibly lay claim to owning the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, which belongs to the Creator and all People of Faith.

“The Rev. Wilton D. Gregory, archbishop of Washington issued a scathing condemnation of President Trump’s visit to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine Tuesday with first lady Melania. (Fox News, June 3, 2020)

“Wilton Gregory opposed the long-planned visit by Trump and first lady Melania Trump, who is Catholic.

“I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people even those with whom we might disagree,” the archbishop said in a statement.”

Some of us find it “baffling and reprehensible” that there was not even a meek peep of protest from the archbishop and other church hierarchy when government, without a by your leave, shut our churches down.

In his public put down of the president’s long-planned visit to the Shrine, Gregory pontificated on the virtues of Saint Pope John Paul II—never once mentioning that as Bishop of KraKow, Karol Wojtyła, Pope John Paul 11, routinely faced down the guns of the Communist regime in Poland when he led outdoor Masses summer and winter at Nowa Huta (Canada Free Press, Oct, 2, 2002)

“Saint Pope John Paul II was an ardent defender of the rights and dignity of human beings. His legacy bears vivid witness to that truth,” Gregory added. “He certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence, scatter or intimidate them for a photo opportunity in front of a place of worship and peace.” (Fox News).

“The archbishop was referring to Trump’s Monday night surprise walk from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church, amid the protests following Floyd’s death. Trump held up a Bible and posed for a photo. Prior to his visit—and a mandated curfew in the city—police officers took steps to remove protesters from Lafayette Park.

Putting words into the mouth of a Saint who has already passed is, to say the least, egregious.

The archbishop’s attack on the president and his wife, who the Washington Post described as “identifying as a Catholic”, is purely partisan in nature.

The archbishop’s Trump rebuke was all the more telling because both visits happen to coincide with an international religious liberty executive order.

“Brian Burch, the president of CatholicVote, a political Catholic organization, said Trump’s visit to the shrine and executive order should be “celebrated” by those who love the church and religious freedom.” (Fox)

“It is regrettable that the Archbishop of Washington chose this occasion to engage in a partisan attack on the President, especially when the country is in desperate need of healing and unity.

“Dwight Longenecker, a Catholic priest, shared an image of Gregory with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the caption: “I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated.”

Fr. Dwight Longenecker@dlongenecker1

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Religious freedom is under unrelenting attack by an enemy who work to deplatform prayer.

They want the masses left in deep despair.

Instead of despair, pray, pray, pray!

Meanwhile, the closing of churches will soon see a boomerang effect on governments and clerics who went along with it.

How government and clerics will be able to climb out of their self-made trap will be something to see!


Democrat Leaders: Religious Liberty is Non-Essential, but Violent Rioting is Essential

Domestic Terrorism is destroying the fabric and foundations of our nation

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 4, 2020

Democrat Leaders: Religious Liberty is Non-Essential, but Violent Rioting is Essential

Joe Biden, that modern miracle of meaningless political rhetoric, was strongly applauded by the mainstream media for mocking President Donald Trump in a speech the other day. Biden mocked President Trump for holding up a Bible in front of the historic St. John’s Episcopal church (adjacent to the White House) after walking across Lafayette Park. The protestors, or what are being referred to as protestors, were dispersed by the local law enforcement officers and Secret Service officers. And, it was not only Biden, but the mainstream media who jumped all over what appeared to be a staged “photo op” for the POTUS.

Bible and churches are essential in the midst of this chaos and lawlessness

Yet, the incident, as well as the response to the incident, are most instructional. It is also symbolic of something very simple, yet indicative of something that needs to drastically and fundamentally change in America.

When police ask protestors to move back or to obey them during a protest, the police represent the law. In the case of Trump crossing Lafayette Park, it may not have been the smartest move the POTUS could have made because it put all those law enforcement officers in a difficult position as they had to protect the president at all costs – even with their lives. However, Trump was also in the position of risking his life in a potentially hostile environment. The basic symbolism was that: he was willing to risk his life in a potentially hostile environment to demonstrate his commitment to something as simple: that the Bible and churches are essential in the midst of this chaos and lawlessness.

How can one determine a potentially hostile environment?

On the Friday before this incident, Washington, D.C. was under siege by unruly rioters who disobeyed established curfews, set fires (one target was St. John’s), and were using molotov cocktails (they just happened to have for a peaceful protest). Organizers were not in control of the protest because the protest became the foundation for the attack on the area around the White House. That was another photo op for the MSM. and several of their “celebrities” also mocked the POTUS for being ushered into a bunker by the Secret Service over concerns over protecting his life. However, reports indicated that at least 60 Secret Service agents were injured in the violent rioting in and around the White House, and that experienced Antifa leaders were directing the onslaught during this period.

Hypocrisy in Biden is lost on the Democrats and the Progressive Left

Of course, this act of boldness may not have made the kind of impact that President Trump was hoping for because the secular media was covering the event. And, even religious leaders took up criticizing Trump. The problem is that the symbolism of him holding onto the Bible is lost on people who have little understanding of the Bible or of churches as being essential. The focus was on the dispersal of the potentially hostile mob. And, when Joe Biden makes the statement that Trump should open the Bible, he could take his own advice. There is something in there about bearing false witness against one another. It is in the Ten Commandments—God’s Law.

The same Law that is the basic foundation of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Both are intended to protect people from harm. Sadly, Biden must have stopped reading the Bible long ago, or he never really understood it because he gave up any moral high ground when he bowed to his Party’s demands that he abandon his promise to oppose abortion as a Catholic. The same prohibition against murder in the Ten Commandments also applies to a growing unborn child. It is absolutely not acceptable under God’s Law. Hypocrisy in Biden is lost on the Democrats and the Progressive Left. It was Jesus who asked the question “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Perhaps Biden has sold his soul a long time ago for his own political survival.

Biden also committed a major error when he said that the president should also read   the Constitution as well because there is something called the First Amendment. Again, maybe Joe Biden, and most of the “Democratic” Party should actually read the Bill of Rights. For starters, there is the clause that protects freedom of religion, which some “leaders” of blue states do not want to protect as they harass people of faith or prevent churches from opening to attendees. Additionally, another of the First Amendment protections is for peaceful protesting, not violent rioting or domestic terrorism. But Democrats seem to want domestic terrorism protected.

Joe Biden’s own staff has been helping with bail money for those “protestors” who had been arrested in Minneapolis due to acts of violence during the riots. This seems to be consistent with a number of Democrats that support the release of violent rioters, arsonists, and thieves who used George Floyd’s death to unleash rage, and all kinds of destruction across many U.S. cities. What this says is that Biden and Democrat leaders condone criminals who trash, loot, and burn down businesses and shops owned by the middle class and patronized by common people. Worse – many innocent people lost their lives during the days of violence. Who is rallying for them?

In the moment before Trump went across Lafayette Park to the church, he gave a speech and in that speech he acknowledged sadness over the deaths of those innocent people like the law enforcement officer who has been gunned down in cold blood in California: the Homeland Security officer, 53-year-old Patrick Underwood. Where are those who are rallying for this black man? Where is the Black Lives Matter crowd? Where are leaders in the Democrat Party decrying the violence against innocent citizens? They will not be heard, but their silence speaks volumes. But even when they do speak it is with empty words.

Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that religious liberty is not a freedom they can tolerate—let alone protect. What they readily tolerate is domestic terrorism that is destroying the fabric and foundations of our nation. If truth be told, the Democrats are the systemic problem to be resolved in America.

The Media, Newsom, Instigating Civil Violence

If anyone is harmed in the riots, make sure Newsom is convicted and jailed too

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 4, 2020

The Media, Newsom, Instigating Civil Violence

The police killing of George Floyd is tragically being used as a political tool to stoke the fire of revolution. The media should have never exploited this story but Officer Chauvin should simply be tried in private and given his due, whether it’s life in prison or the death penalty, that justice be done.

Instead, the media has recklessly flashed this story to the nation causing many to commit the very hate crimes the media is purporting to lament. The tragic George Floyd killing has been orchestrated and used to frame our police, our nation, and our president, with the intent of triggering nationwide riots.

What is absurd is that this injustice has the backing of some of our government leaders. Governor Newsom of California told rioters on Monday“I want you to know that you matter. To those who want to express themselves [riotously]… Keep doing it. Your rage is real.”

If this isn’t unveiled Communism, what is?! That a state official should act as a political arson to ignite the fire of civil violence testifies to the diabolical depths to which some of our leaders have descended. It appears that anarchy is being generated from the government level.

According to Newsom, criminals “matter” but the innocent owners of looted shops don’t matter. As Newsom sees it, they deserve to be robbed and injured while looters should be free to go out and “express” their criminal aspirations. This potentially could mean the death of many innocent people.

Will Newsom be tried for murder if people are killed on account of his complicity and his reckless words? Will he and his deep-state cronies be required to pay for the many structures that their favoritism caused to be burned down?

Christ’s words apply: “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.” (Matthew 5:6) We indeed pray that America and its police are not blamed for what officer Chauvin did but that Chauvin be given his due for his merciless act against his fellow man.

Latest Democrat Strategy: Anarchy Replacing Pandemic Scare

Meanwhile, the question should be: Coronavirus saturation media coverage, where art thou?

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 3, 2020

Latest Democrat Strategy: Anarchy Replacing Pandemic Scare

Notice how the looting, ransacking and burning during the the massive George Floyd protests have crowded the COVID-19 pandemic right off the public stage?

The pandemic, which dominated the news cycle for the past several months, has somehow been shuffled off to Buffalo, not to be heard from ever since.

With so many masked protesters blending in with Antifa and other anarchistic groups, the signature pandemic protection mask has been ripped right off the pandemic’s face. The looters and all other robbers of public peace are wearing masks—but only to hide their identities not for protection from the virus.

You are “RACIST!”

How is it even possible with millions of demonstrators out on the streets there have been zero reports of anyone coming down with the virus while out protesting?

Rather than the Democrats pushing the president to lower the flags when the pandemic reached the 100,000 death mark, the Dems have hoisted a bigger, bolder flag, one that states, in effect, that all Americans are “RACIST!”

You are “RACIST!” if you question how looting has become the sympathy card for the tragic and unnecessary death of a man under the custody of Minneapolis police.

Last night proved that the mobs out on the street pay no attention to curfews.  Whether the deployment of the National Guard can restore public peace remains to be seen.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to “displace” Mayor Bill de Blasio

“Looters continued to break into stores in New York City late Tuesday night and into the morning, despite an 8 p.m. curfew, but reports indicated that the scene was much calmer than the past few nights. (Fox News, June 2, 2020)

“Video surfaced online that showed a Zara clothing store being looted in lower Manhattan and about five men used bats and crowbars to gain entry to Nordstrom Rack on 31st Street and 6th Avenue. They were reportedly scared off before stealing anything.

“As part of the enhanced measures, police installed checkpoints on the streets to block unauthorized vehicles. “In some places, as protesters continued to march into the night, there was relative calm. But evidence of vandalism was once again visible in some parts of the city.”

“About 30 minutes before curfew time, thousands of protesters made their way toward Trump Tower in Manhattan. They showed a heavy police presence with uniformed officers and steel fencing installed in an effort to minimize looting and violence.

“Earlier in the day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to “displace” Mayor Bill de Blasio over the ongoing violence in the city.

“The NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night, I believe that,” Cuomo said. He continued, You have 38,000 NYPD people, it is the largest police department in the United States of America. Use 38,000 people and protect property. Use the police, protect property and people. Look at the videos, it was a disgrace.”

‘America is racist’ smear got its biggest boost with the 2008 election of Barack Obama

Protesters tolerated and even egged on by the media, Hollywood and desperado Dems,  continue to shoot at police, overturn vehicles and to burn down small businesses—including those operated by minorities.

Most hypocritically all of the above are anti-Second Amendment rights for all law-abiding citizens—but not against marauding anarchists who set small businesses ablaze.

Small businesses were taking a beating even before the first ‘peaceful’ protest.

Galling to realize that the same governments who have kept them on lockdown for more than three months, are now backing the street mobs burning down their work places.

The ‘America is racist’ smear got its biggest boost with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and throughout the entire Democrat strategy fiasco, has never changed.

The Democrats need the “Racist! smear to justify their existence and to keep themselves in office.

What the “Racist!” smear is really all about is generally ignored by the mainstream and social media.

Democrats: America is RACIST!

This inconvenient factoid from looking at long Democrat history blows a big hole on their “America is RACIST! claims:

Captain Ron@papaneeed1

View image on Twitter

Count on the Democrats using their “RACIST!” smear to push total mail-in voting for Election 2020:

“Judicial Watch has long been the national leader fighting to enforce federal laws designed to protect the honesty of our elections, and to challenge efforts to weaken those safeguards and make it easier for ineligible individuals, including illegal aliens, to vote. (Judicial Watch, April 20, 2020)

“In fact, we recently filed a lawsuit against Pennsylvania and three of its largest counties (Bucks, Chester and Delaware) over their failure to follow National Voter Registration Act and clean their voter rolls.

“This Pennsylvania action follows closely on the heels of a similar lawsuit we filed against North Carolina and two of its largest counties (Guilford and Mecklenburg) for failing to clean their voter rolls as required by federal law. North Carolina, we allege, has more than 1,000,000 inactive voters on their rolls!

“Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections!

“And now, calls from the Left for out of control mail-in voting makes the need for clean voter rolls even more essential!”

How long will anarchy continue to dominate on the streets of major American cities?

Until the Democrats can make mail-in voting legislation.

Meanwhile, the question should be: Coronavirus saturation media coverage, where art thou?

Left-wing Mob Rule Nation and Kristallnacht

Look what is happening to the Democrat-controlled cities and states and you will know exactly what will happen to America

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 3, 2020

Left-wing Mob Rule Nation and Kristallnacht

I escaped communism in late 1970s and, in forty years, my adopted country changed from the beacon of freedom and prosperity, with ample opportunities to succeed, promoting one’s individual talents, to a left-wing mob rule nation where the Nazi’s Kristallnacht, “the night of broken glass,” is repeated by paid rioters around the nation in Democrat-leadership cities, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, San Francisco, Detroit, Portland, Memphis, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Madison, Denver, Albuquerque, Columbus, Houston, Phoenix, Louisville, St. Louis, Oakland, and Boston.

Communist agitators have filled our population ranks thanks to indoctrination

I do not see how a country can survive if half the population and one of its two major political parties are dedicated to its destruction. These people want to destroy everything normal people value and replace it with a totalitarian nightmare they call “globalism.” This is war but only one side seems to be fighting.

Communist agitators have filled our population ranks thanks to indoctrination from colleges, universities, public schools, politicians at all levels of government, the mainstream media, and entertainment. Universities are no longer the seat of learning and of expression of divergent opinions but a “bedrock of extreme ideologies.”

Tenured professors like the woman at the University of Alabama in Birmingham allegedly tweeted to teach rioters how to take down monuments.

Sen. Joe McCarthy was vindicated, the declassified Venona Papers have proven that fact, but he was crucified nevertheless for telling the truth that we have many American communist traitors among us.

Conservatives had hoped that the opposition party, the Republicans, would provide a divergent side to the ideological war that has been escalating for years. To the Republicans’ Robert’s Rules of Order strategy, the Democrats lie, cheat, beat, and steal with gusto.

President Trump is but one man who is fighting a tsunami of a well-organized and perfectly oiled Democrat machine

They attack anybody who disagrees with them physically, legally, illegally, economically, psychologically, etc. Republicans call for and use proper legislative and legal procedures, reason, logic, civilized means of solving disagreement and conflict, and negotiations. Charles Maranto aptly wrote, “Democrats have a crime family approach” to conflict resolution. “Republicans have been strategic and tactical imbeciles.”

President Trump is but one man who is fighting a tsunami of a well-organized and perfectly oiled Democrat machine with one goal in mind, to fundamentally transform our “evil” nation into the utopian socialism all Democrat politicians and their useful idiots followers and millennials want, a free for all Shangri La that never existed. They know, they are going to do communism “right” because they are smarter than anybody else.

It is nice to get involved in politics and pick and support the right candidates, however, until we change the mindset of the population to a state where they are proud of their own country as the best, most tolerant, and least racist country in the world, nothing will change, the decline to socialism and communism will continue. You must change the prevailing philosophy among the younger generations, a philosophy that says that America is evil and racist, none of which is true, on the contrary.

Do they understand what a bankrupt and tyrannical socialist state truly is? No, because their teachers, media, greedy and corrupt politicians, and Hollywood have lied to them since the 1970s.

Socialist nightmare Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) advocates and demands, under the boot of the Communist Party

I lived in the socialist nightmare Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) advocates and demands, under the boot of the Communist Party, and it was not pretty:

  • Freedom, individuality, creativity, and entrepreneurship were crushed
  • If you did not work, you did not eat, welfare per say did not exist; the proletariat received a meager pay, “commensurate to their effort”
  • If you spoke out, you were beaten, jailed, or killed
  • We lived in concrete apartments with little water, heat, and electricity
  • The Antifa-like government goons knocked on our doors and beat us up if we did not comply with the tyrannical rules.

If America goes, so will the rest of the free world. Europe survived the clutches of Hitler only because anonymous and heroic American boys and men fought and died for their freedom. We rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan. We protect Europe militarily still and, if we go, the rest will collapse as well into poverty and tyranny just like Cuba and Venezuela.

President Trump is trying to do the right thing for America, but he is one man, with little help from the Republican Party, and even if he wins again in November, that will only take us to 2024. What will happen after that? How fast will we sink further into socialist chaos at the hands of the Democrat Party lording over everything? Look what is happening to the Democrat-controlled cities and states and you will know exactly what will happen to America.

Civil Unrest Ignites on Schedule

(picture from Paris protest, credit Michel Euler/AP)

George Floyd’s death has sparked civil unrest throughout the world. In Athens, Greece, protestors flung firebombs at the US embassy. In France, President Macron urged citizens not to compare France with the US as he does not feel police brutality, racism, or government control is an issue there. French citizens seem to disagree as 2,500 people attended a rally in Lille, 1,800 in Marseille, and 1,200 in Lyon. Germany, Denmark, Italy, Britain, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Syria, and countless other countries are experiencing a surge of protests standing in solidarity with the US. But the unrest runs even deeper than yet another murder by armed government workers.

After weeks on end of forced isolation, the people are waking up to the control that the government possesses over every area of their lives. Anger is overtaking fear as thousands are disregarding the CDC’s continued pleas to stay at home and avoid crowds. There is no rule of law. Governments can and will act in their own self-interests and continue to view the people as “the great unwashed” who are not worthy of basic human rights. They can kill us, take away our jobs, our freedoms, and destroy the economy at will. Is it any wonder that the people have lost confidence in their governments?

The chaos is cyclically unfolding on schedule. All confidence in the government has been abandoned due to the draconian measures forced upon the people in such a rash manner that it could not be ignored.

Anger Games, Night 9 – BLM Window of Opportunity Starts to Close…

Today in Minneapolis was the first of three funerals for George Floyd in three states.  The next funeral will be held in North Carolina on Saturday; then the grievance tour travels to Texas for a full day viewing on Monday, and final funeral on Tuesday.

What media will not discuss is the lack of visible support across social media on the first day of the five official days of public mourning.  Perhaps the BLM and AME network have overplayed their hand; and/or, people are burned-out over the continued use of the race card.  It also did not help that Al Sharpton played the lead role for funeral one.

Now, considering the amount of media coverage, what I just wrote might sound odd; but I’m not looking at media… I’m looking at the national audience response to the overblown media coverage.  There is a big difference and a massive disconnect.

The media are hyping the five days of national mourning and live broadcasting the funerals and events.  However, the downstream reception rate appears very poor.

There is a much lower reception and redistribution rate with George Floyd than Trayvon (Orlando), Mike Brown (Ferguson) or Freddie Gray (Baltimore).  Those were the last times the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME network) were in full alignment.

What this indicates to me is a far more significant percentage of the targeted audience are now awake to the manipulative effort of both BLM and AME networks.

Additionally, the long-standing Achilles heel has still not been overcome.

The internal racism within the “people of color” coalition was always the inherent problem for Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Tom Perez (Team BLM), because the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party absolutely dislike Latinos.

When Barack Obama attempted outreach to the Latino community he even changed the language.  Gaining Latino support was the reason the DNC sent out guidance to use the phrase “people of color” instead of “black” during media coverage.  Additionally, Obama’s attempted outreach to the Latino community was always through the illegal alien angle, the “dreamers”; but Obama never delivered on his fake promises and the PoC lingo could not help.

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam do not like Latinos and/or Hispanics.  The New Black Panthers do not like Latinos and/or Hispanics.  These groups are always in constant conflict.  The friendly political relationship between La Raza and the radical Democrats doesn’t compensate for this massive divide amid Blacks and Latinos.

In one way it is still a generational problem.  Latinos lean heavily Christian; while the radical NoI and NBPP elements who agreed to align within the BLM movement are heavily influenced by Islam.   This is why there are two internal black coalitions.  BLM is influenced by Islam, while the AME coalition is Christian.

Through the religious prism the AME network could gain support from the Latino community; “people of color” could work.  However, the AME network is not the center of activist energy.

The BLM network is the center of activist operations and that means Islam is favored. [Keep your “people of color”, because the BLM prefers “black”.]  Hence, Minneapolis is a good fit for BLM activation because Minneapolis leans Muslim thanks to the decades long influx of Somali refugees imported by Bush and Obama.

The media, especially the political media, are never allowed to talk about the internal ideologies behind the two camps: Team Obama (BLM – Islam) and Team Clyburn (AME – Christian); but the issues are very real and keeping the coalition together is not easy.  Seeing Al Sharpton (AME team) deliver his racial narrative to the Minneapolis funeral audience today is a reflection of how important and tenuous the dynamic really is.

The BLM foot-soldiers do not like the lack of purity within the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton messaging.  Two-J’s and Sharptongue are both old-school AME members where religious worship kneels foremost in front of the altar of money.

Those behind the BLM network are more ideological and they see the AME’s lust for money as a risk.  It’s a weird interplay and ultimately that’s why the two factions keep splitting apart.

Floyd family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, is more AME than he is BLM.  Al Sharpton was Crump’s mentor going all the way back to the Martin Lee Anderson case in 2006. But at the same time Crump needs the BLM foot-soldiers to drum the social justice message in order to achieve maximum impact.

Bottom line today is that Minneapolis opportunists, specifically the Muslim community, will benefit from the current anti-police narrative.  The Somali Muslim community wants Sharia-enforcement officers instead of traditional law enforcement. Ergo the Ellison/Omar agenda will benefits from recent events.

However, beyond the local benefit, the new BLM/AME alliance does not seem to be moving the national needle.  If you look closely it appears more and more people have caught on to the unspoken and divisive agenda.

Lastly, the long standing issues between Latinos and Blacks is an important angle to watch; especially with 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden going down on his knees in favor of the BLM/AME network.

There is a risk that Democrats might lose more Latinos than they will gain amid blacks. This type of political calculation always carries a risk; this is what happens when ideology intersects with the assembly of special interests.


Donald J. Trump


— Winston Churchill


Project Veritas Infiltrates Violent Antifa Movement – Additionally, DOJ Announce Today Antifa Behind Recent Violence…

On the same day U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr announces an investigative finding that Antifa is behind much of the recent violence, looting and arson; James O’Keefe releases an undercover video of Project Veritas efforts infiltrating the group.  First, from AG Barr:

Dept of Justice – […] At some demonstrations, there are groups that exploit the opportunity to engage in looting. And finally, at some demonstration, there are extremist agitators who are hijacking the protests to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.

We have evidence that Antifa and other similar extremist groups, as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions, have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity. We are also seeing foreign actors playing all sides to exacerbate the violence. (more)

Here’s the O’Keefe expose:

Occupy Wall Street 2011

Occupy Wall Street 2011