Is Climate Change Caused Only by the Sun?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Oct 27, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you think the entire climate change is caused by the sun?


ANSWER: No. Nothing can be reduced to a single cause and effect. There is a 300-year cycle in the energy output of the sun. But solar minimum changes the output to greater intensity of gamma rays. This may be responsible for the increase in volcanic activity during solar minimum. What is clear is that it has been the volcanic activity that has caused the major declines in temperature, which have resulted in famines and drastic weather changes such as the year without a summer.

This certainly cannot be contributed to simply CO2 any more than it can be simply reduced to the sun only. There is far more complexity involved, which we really need to explore. This agenda to crush the economy and rebuilt it green is not supported by the evidence.

One comment on “Is Climate Change Caused Only by the Sun?

  1. People are so willing to jump on a bandwagon, when it is the wrong bandwagon, and goes against all knowledge. If the lead sheep falls off the cliff, they will all fall off the cliff. People have forgotten how to think for themselves, and believe everything their political choices say.


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