NEC Director Brian Deese Defends Policy as U.S. Economy Transitions Away from Oil and Gas to Windmills and Solar Power

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 31, 2022 | Sundance 

Anytime you hear the code-word “transition”, what the explainers mean is the change from traditional oil, gas and fossil fuels to renewable energy and the Green New Deal.  The phrase “economic transition” is used to explain the economic collapse of Main Street that will happen during the switch.   Remember THE GOAL?  It has never changed.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, aka the U.S. version of Baghdad Bob, appears before several audiences today in an effort to use as many words as possible to explain the “transition,” without actually explaining the “transition.”  Why?  Because they don’t want the average person to know what the “transition” is all about…. Because if the average person knew what this “transition” is all about, then they might realize all of these massive increases in price are being done intentionally.   WATCH:


Again, you guys are going to get sick of me saying this…. BUT, the number one problem our country faces is that the vast majority of us are PRETENDING.

The White House is pretending the U.S. government does not have full control over what is happening in the economy.  The media are pretending not to know that the White House is avoiding admitting the agenda and economic pain is intentional and unavoidable.  The republican politicians are pretending the Biden economic transition program is because the White House is incompetent.  All of these -and so many more- are just pretenses.

What is being done by the government, in this decision to switch from an oil and gas economy into a wind and solar economy, is being done on purpose. Yes, everyone at every level of government, both political parties and every agency within it, and the entirety of the corporate media are pretending not to know this is the Green New Deal taking place.

We cannot confront or solve this stuff, until we -including media- stop pretending.  Brian Deese is Baghdad Bob.

I will not eat the bugs.


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