Two More EU Aluminum Smelters Going Offline Due to Excessive Energy Costs, Aluminum Shortages Predicted

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance 

On one hand losing the ability to manufacture aluminum is bad news for any economic activity that requires the use of aluminum.  However, on the other hand, this politically guided ‘new world’ we are going toward doesn’t need aluminum, because you cannot eat it.

Predictably 2023 is going to be the beginning of several ‘Build Back Better’ decades where the ownership of material things disappears.  When your wages are focused on sustaining yourself with housing, food and energy, all of those other purchases become mere indulgences.

Sustainable life in equity with the needs of the planet, means returning to the era when you received an orange or a piece of chocolate as a Christmas gift, and you are thankful. Cars, appliances, phones or other types of luxury durable goods are indulgences which become out of reach for the worker class.  Thus, removing smelters, iron works, factories and other heavy industrial machines only makes sense.

As meager wage earnings are focused on purchases to sustain life, there is little room for indulgences.  As the World Economic Forum has stated, we will own nothing and we will be happy.  Happiness experiences will be provided and the virtual metaverse will fill our needs.

LONDON, Sept 1 (Reuters) – Two more European aluminium smelters are powering down as the region’s energy crisis shows no signs of abating.

Slovenia’s Talum will reduce output to just a fifth of capacity and Alcoa (AA.N) will curtail one line at its Lista plant in Norway.

Close to 1 million tonnes of European primary aluminum capacity is now offline and more may follow as a notoriously power-hungry sector struggles to cope with soaring energy costs.  (read more)

Again, I return to the imagery surrounding our foundational questions, and hopefully things are starting to make sense.

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