“What Can I Do?” – Stop Pretending, Start Confronting – Make the Debt Ceiling Being Raised Contingent on Border Being Closed…

May 14, 2023 | Sundance 

There is a great deal of frustration, righteous frustration about the seriously destabilizing constructs happening around us, combined with almost no corrective action from people in power or influence that can do anything, something, about it.

This leads to the #1 question people ask, “What can I do about it?”  The answer is not complex, and consists of two obvious elements:

First, stop pretending.

Second, confront those who rely on our pretending.

OK, great, but what does that look like?  I’ll give you some examples. 

♦EXAMPLE – Millions of illegal aliens are pouring through the southern border. They don’t impeach Joe Biden over his failure to do his job and “preserve, protect and defend the United States.”  Why not?   It’s too difficult they say.  Well, ok, but here’s an easy approach.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised.  Tell the White House the debt ceiling isn’t going to be raised until the border is closed, secured, done!   Shut up, and/or just keep repeating that line.  When the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit.  DONE!

OMG!  Horrible Republicans the media cry. Who cares? Don’t move. Response: when the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit!

Then make Biden own the debt default in order to keep the border open.

Well over 70% of the country wants the border secured.  Everyone sees the massive influx of illegal aliens.  Not even Democrat constituencies want more illegal aliens flooding into their neighborhoods (see Chicago).  So, make the debt ceiling conditional on the border closing.  PERIOD.  Just stop pretending.

Keep it simple.  When Customs and Border Patrol tells you the border is secure, then raise the debt ceiling.   How frigging hard is this?

It’s not hard.  So, stop pretending it is.

See how this works?

♦EXAMPLE – Ron DeSantis walks into a shop, or holds an event.  Ask him the big picture questions:  Governor, when did you decide to run for the presidency?  When all these billionaires and multinational corporations are giving you hundreds of millions of dollars, what do they expect from you?  How much did Rupert Murdoch pay you for the advance on your recent book deal?  Why was it important for you to seal your travel records?  Why did you need the Florida legislature to change the ‘resign to run laws’?

Anticipate the reply, focus the follow-up on a foundational truth.  These are not difficult questions, but you never see them asked. Why not?  BECAUSE THE PEOPLE HE IS IN CONTACT WITH ARE PRETENDING.

DeSantis is relying on the maintenance of that pretending.  Just stop.

♦EXAMPLE – Senator Rubio holds a townhall meeting.  Again, ask him the big picture questions:  Senator, you are the vice-chairman of the Senate Intel Committee; you are a member of the gang-of-eight.  We know from court documents that former Senate Security Director James Wolfe leaked a top secret FISA application, likely at the direction of your chairman Mark Warner.  Why have you never called this out?  Why do you protect him?  Why was James Wolfe never prosecuted for the FISA leak?

You watched FBI Director James Comey testify in March 2017 that he never informed the gang of eight about his previous 11-month investigation of the presidential candidate who was the political opposition of the sitting president; why didn’t you do anything about it?

Why didn’t you ever allow a single recess appointment by President Donald Trump?  Why did you go along with Mitch McConnell to block a Republican president?

Again, Marco Rubio sits next to Mark Warner, calls him his “friend across the aisle”, and yet that “friend” is part of the system to destroy our country. Stop letting him pretend, start confronting him.   The same applies to all other senators, in all other townhalls.

Start making their lives uncomfortable by asking the obvious questions.

We are in an abusive relationship with government.  If you want to stop government from abusing us, then act like they are abusing us!

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, Fox News, conservative pundits, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, conservative websites and political talkers writ large, all of them are continuing this game of pretending.  Most of them are all connected to the same financial mechanisms.   None of these groups are going to ask any of the obvious questions or hold anyone to account.  They all maintain the game of pretending.

There are only a few people, maybe a handful, who are not.

Look at the obvious stuff, this is not complex politics.

Those who trade in the art of deception will always find an audience willing to be deceived.   Quit looking for someone else to do the job, start putting yourself in the position to challenge them with obvious questions.

Stay out of the weeds, there’s no reason to be in them, and just ask the obvious questions; there are dozens of them ….And for the love of all that is good and righteous in this world….

…Quit pretending!

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