The real climate science deniers

Continuing to focus on carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases,” as the primary or sole cause of climate changes and weather events, will ensure that we never get beyond the politically driven climate and energy battles in which we are now engaged

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The real climate science deniers

Manmade climate crisis promoters reject inconvenient evidence of natural climate change

Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my college campus, calling attention to serious pollution problems that afflicted much of the USA. Over the ensuing decades, laws, regulations, and changed attitudes, practices and technologies reduced most of that pollution, often dramatically.

I didn’t buy into the 1970 end-is-nigh, doom-and-gloom, billions-will-die hysteria that Ron Stein and Ron Baileysummarize, including the manmade global cooling crisis. I don’t buy it today, either – certainly not this year’s Earth Day focus on the alleged manmade global warming crisis, also blamed on emissions of carbon dioxide, the same gas that humans and animals exhale, and plants use to grow. We’re told the crisis is unprecedented, and poses existential threats to humanity and planet. What nonsense.

But what I find fascinating in all this is the steadfast, often nasty determination of scientists, politicians and interest groups promoting alarmist themes – and profiting immensely from them – to reject and deny any science, history and evidence that undermines their claim that nothing like this ever happened before.

The “highest ever” temperatures are a mere few tenths or even hundredths of a degree above previous records set many decades ago. The United States recently enjoyed a record 12-year respite from Category 3-5 hurricanes, ended finally by Harvey and Irma in 2017. Violent tornadoes were far fewer during the last 35 years than during the 35 years before that, and the complete absence of violent twisters in 2018 was unprecedented in US history. Modern day floods and droughts were certainly no worse than past floods or the multi-decade droughts that devastated Anasazi, Mayan and other civilizations.

However, alarmists insist, Earth’s climate and weather were stable and unchanging until humans began using coal, oil and natural gas. We must eradicate fossil fuels now, they say, regardless of what biofuel, battery, wind and solar replacements (and mining for raw materials to manufacture them) might have on wildlife, scenery, environmental values or human rights. Their disconnect from reality is astounding.

Roman and Medieval Warm Periods

Equally fascinating is the notion that melting glaciers are something new. It amounts to asserting that everything was just peachy until American, European and Greenland glaciers started melting a few decades ago, threatening us with catastrophic sea level rise. It amounts to claiming the glacial epochs never happened; their mile-high ice sheets never blanketed a third of the Northern Hemisphere, multiple times, with warm periods in between; and seas haven’t risen some 400 feet since the Pleistocene ice age, leaving the entrance to Cosquer Cave and its Paleolithic paintings 115 feet beneath the Mediterranean.

It amounts to claiming the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods never happened, and weren’t followed by the Little Ice Age, when priests performed exorcisms, asking God to keep glaciers from inundating villages in the Alps of Europe. It’s as though we couldn’t possibly be finding what we are finding today.

In the latest example, government and university researchers recently found numerous Viking-era artifacts along a Norwegian mountain pass that had been heavily traveled for at least 700 years, but then was buried beneath the ice and lost to history for 1,000 years. Locals used the rough 2,200-foot-long pass to travel between summer and winter lodgings, while long-distance trekkers used it as a trade route.

Within the treasure trove were tunics, mittens, horse shoes and bits, remnants of sleds used to haul food and gear over winter snow, a small shelter, and even the remains of a dog with a collar and leash. They all came to light because the glacial ice is again receding, as Earth continues its post Little Ice Age warming.

Alarmists insist the warming is due to fossil fuels, and deny that it is just part of natural climate cycles

Alarmists insist the warming is due to fossil fuels, and deny that it is just part of natural climate cycles. And much more evidence of past warming and cooling periods has also come to light in recent years.

In 1991, German hikers found the incredible mummified and heavily tattooed remains of “Oetzi the Ice Man” sticking out of the ice in the Oetzal Alps near the Italian-Austrian border, at an altitude of some 10,000 feet. A partial longbow, bearskin hat and other artifacts were found nearby. He had died about 5,300 years ago from an arrow wound and had the blood of four different people on his clothes and weapons. He is further evidence of human habitation in these alpine areas during past warm periods.

Tourists and archeological teams have also discovered parts of shoes, leather clothing, fragments of a wooden bowl and numerous other items from 3000 to 4500 BC (BCE) that have emerged from the alpine ice. They are among the oldest objects ever found in the Alps. A Bronze Age pin, Roman coins and early Medieval artifacts have also been found. They show how these mountain passes and trails, impassible during cold, more glaciated periods, served as vital trade routes in periodic warmer centuries.

Norwegian ice fields show shrinkage and growth patterns similar to those of the alpine glaciers, says Norwegian glacial scientist Atle Nesje. The archaeological findings “seem to fit quite nicely with our glacier reconstructions,” he adds, which helps us understand past, present and future climate changes.

Years of research by Swiss and other scientists have produced similar findings – sometimes human artifacts, but also plant and animal remains, in areas of newly melted ice. In one location in the Swiss Alps, University of Berne geology professor Christian Schluechter found pieces of wood 12-24 inches thick and the remains of a moor. Melting waters had flushed them out from under the glacier. That means the ice there is hardly “perpetual,” he says. There were multiple periods of warmer weather and less ice.

In fact, carbon-14 dating shows ten “clearly definable time windows” over the last 10,000 years – periods when glaciers were limited to regions up to 1,000 feet higher in the Alps than today. This means that, for multiple long stretches of time, “the Alps were greener than they are today,” Schluechter concludes.

Inca children sacrificed 500 years ago in Argentina’s Andes have also emerged from melting glaciers.

Off the Florida coast, the Mel and Deo Fisher archeological diving team didn’t just find the famous Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha, which sank during a ferocious 1622 hurricane, or only the British slave ship Henrietta Marie, which went down during a 1700 hurricane, after leaving 190 Africans in Jamaica to be sold as slaves. They also found charred tree branches and pine cones from a forest fire 8,400 years ago, when this ocean area 35 miles from Key West was still well above present day sea levels!

Even an entire forest has been discovered, protruding from the melting Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska – an area I visited several years ago. Roots, stumps and large segments of entire upright spruce or hemlock trees have already been found across several acres. They are the remains of a forest that thrived there for as long as 2,350 years, until it was buried by glacial ice around 1,000 years ago.

The chronicle of amazing discoveries yielded by melting glaciers goes on and on. Their most important lesson is that our current climate is but a snapshot in time, on a vibrant planet where climate change and extreme weather have been “real” since time began. Only a science-denying climate alarmist would refuse to recognize this. Simply put, there is nothing “unprecedented” about what we are seeing today.

This is dangerous stuff – sacrilegious, even. It pulls the rug from under demands for a post-Coronavirus Green New Deal. It must be suppressed. And frightened climate science deniers are doing their best to keep it out of “mainstream” and social media. Realists must do their best to disseminate climate facts.

Of course, it may be that these past climate changes were caused by carbon dioxide and water vapor from wheezing, snorting horses, oxen and humans – laboring at the edge of exhaustion, doing what our fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and equipment do for us today. But it’s far more likely that the changes were due to a complex and still poorly understood combination of solar and other powerful natural forces.

Climate alarmists may not want to recognize or discuss these natural fluctuations and causes. But the rest of us should, and this historic evidence must be a central part of that discussion.

Improving our knowledge of what these forces are and how they work together will enable us to better predict, prepare for and adapt to future climate changes. Continuing to focus on carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases,” as the primary or sole cause of climate changes and weather events, will ensure that we never get beyond the politically driven climate and energy battles in which we are now engaged.

Green Energy Delusion – We Can Never Get to Zero CO2

This interesting documentary exposes the falsehood about green energy and the outright lies we are told that somehow this will save the planet. They call it BioMass energy which is cutting down forests and burning trees that consume CO2. The carbon dioxide released when burning wood (about 1900g CO2 for each 1000g of wood burnt) they then claim is balanced by the fact that this carbon was taken up by the tree from the air when it grew. So this part of the emissions is carbon-neutral. What they are saying is that they are releasing the CO2 the trees took out of the system rather than adding to the present level.

Coal is an important source of energy in the United States, and the nation’s reliance on this fossil fuel for generating electricity is growing. The combustion of coal, however, adds a significant amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per unit of heat energy, more so than the combustion of other fossil fuels. Coal is formed when dead plant matter decays into peat and is converted into coal by the heat and pressure after being deeply buried over millions of years. In other words, coal is also carbon-neutral under this same BioMass theory that coal represents plants that simply consume CO2, and it is not being released back into the atmosphere. Burning coal does not create CO2, it is also just releasing it as they burn trees.

Destroying forests to burn trees under the claim that BioMass energy is renewable because they can just grow more trees is pretty absurd. The only REAL energy that does not produce direct Co2 is nuclear. Nuclear power reactors do not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike fossil fuel-fired power plants, nuclear reactors do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide while operating.

A Technical Study in the Relationships of Solar Flux, Water, Carbon Dioxide and Global Temperatures, March 2020 Data


From the attached report on climate change for March 2020 Data we have the two charts showing how much the global temperature has actually gone up since we started to measure CO2 in the atmosphere? To show this graphically Chart 8 was constructed by plotting CO2 as a percent increase from when it was first measured in 1958, the Black plot, the scale is on the left and it shows CO2 going up a bit over 30.0% from 1958 to March of 2020. That is a very large change as anyone would have to agree.  Now how about temperature, well when we look at the percentage change in temperature from 1958, using Kelvin (which does measure the change in heat), we find that the changes in global temperature (heat) are almost un-measurable. The scale on the right side had to be expanded 10 times (the range is 40 % on the left and 4% on the right) to be able to see the plot in the same chart in any detail. The red plot, starting in 1958, shows that the thermal energy in the earth’s atmosphere increased by .30%; while CO2 has increased by 30.0% which is 100 times that of the increase in temperature. So is there really a meaningful link between them that would give as a major problem? The numbers tell us no there isn’t.

The next chart is Chart 8a which is the same as Chart 8 except for the scales which are the same for both CO2 and Temperature. As you see the increase in energy, heat, is not visually observably in this chart hence the need for the previous chart 8 to show the minuscule increase in thermal energy shown by NASA in relationship to the change in CO2. Based to these trends, determined by excel not me, in 2028 CO2 will be 428 ppm and temperatures will be 15.0o Celsius and in 2038 CO2 will be 458 ppm and temperatures will be 15.6O Celsius. This is what the data shows no matter what the reasons are, so I have no idea how the IPCC gets to predict that the world will end in ten or even twenty years.

The full 40 page report explains how these charts were developed and why using NASA and NOAA data that are used without change to prove that The New Green Deal is not required and any attempt to complete that plan will be a worldwide disaster.

Click on the link below for the full report that you can download.


Is a Volcanic Winter on the Horizon?


while thinking about the current disruption in international air traffic, I remembered the following article and wondered if there could be a cycle to international air traffic disruption though there aren’t enough statistics.

Interestingly if we consider the first disruption as September 11, 2001 which is roughly 2001.7, we notice that the disruption due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland which occurred around 2010.3 is precisely 8.6 years from the first one.

Now if we look at the current disruption which started around 2020.2, it is 18.5 years from 2001.7, which is half of 8.6*4.3. So could it be that the major turning point for international air traffic disruption is at 8.6*4.3=37 years from 2001.7 and that would make 2038.7 as a major target for air traffic disruption? We clearly see the rise in intensity of the disruption from 2001 till today and there is an alternation political/natural especially if we consider the current one as political rather than caused by the virus.

Speaking about the fundamentals behind the target, given the solar minimum could extend beyond 2035 ( I don’t remember the exact date Martin indicated), 2038.7 target could be due to an important event in sun activity exposing satellites to cosmic radiation and thus forcing planes to stay on the ground?

What is your comment on that?

REPLY: There were 35 volcanic eruptions in 2001. That was the year of awakening compared to 12 eruptions the year before. We are clearly involved in a rise in activity coinciding with Solar Minimum. Research has revealed that when we go into Solar Minimum, this is also simultaneously the maximum output of gamma rays which may be the reason volcanoes erupt more during these periods. I have explained in detail that volcanoes are part of climate change. I have also laid out that it was a volcano that defeated Napoleon. It is believed that it was a volcano that created the last little ice age. There were scientists arguing to create a synthetic volcanic winter by spraying chemicals into the air. There is even evidence that there is a volcanic activity under Antarctica which contributes to melting ice.

So far, we have yet to see one exceed VEI 3. If we begin to see eruptions exceed VEI3, we are heading into the threat of a volcanic winter. Better to keep a year’s worth of food in cans in your basement or garage just in case.

Fire Fauci, he is a tool of Bill Gates!

Fire Fauci!

Dr. Anthony Fauci right now is in the driver’s seat. Trump put him there and it was a huge mistake. Fauci may be a key member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, but he has also been a long-time key member of the globalist medical tyrants. He’s a Bill Gates man.

Deborah Birx is often seen with Vice President Pence. She too is owned by Bill Gates. These Deep State swamp dwellers all want to drag out the quarantine lockdown for as long as possible. They’re doing this to make Bill look like a savior when he rolls out his vaccine. They think the citizens will insist on getting the shot. Yes, the same shot with digital elements. A vaccine ’tattoo,’ or mark of the beast. In some states it will become mandatory. In California, vaccines are already mandatory. We’re losing our ability to decide what goes into our bodies. It’s the ultimate in Orwellian tyranny and Bill Gates is Big Brother.

The Left wants mandatory vaccines yet when it comes to abortions, it’s “My body. MY Choice”.

Fauci is little brother. He’s a short man with a Napoleon complex. Fauci has also made mistakes and faulty predictions, but he’s still driving. Trump can’t do anything now. If he ends the lock down, Fauci and the Deep State will accuse him of murder. If Trump allows Fauci and Gates to let things drag on and on, the economy will be killed. Crime will skyrocket. People will run out of money. Fauci wants this because a vaccine is the only way to end the crisis. That’s why he didn’t want hydroxychloroquine. He wants the vaccine. They also want Trump to receive all the blame no matter what happens.

Fauci now says the White House is mulling coronavirus certificates of immunity. This is a way of preparing people to be tracked and be ‘allowed’ to travel. “Your papers please!” It will be the stake in the heart of our Fourth Amendment.

Fauci is a fraud. He must go. FIRE FAUCI

Iceland Volcanic Region Woke Up with the ECM 1/18/2020

Iceland is known as the Land of Fire & Ice. Volcanic activity is escalating in a region that has not erupted for 800 years. Ever since the turn on the Economic Confidence mode on January 18th, 2020, that very Monday, January 21st, earthquakes began on the Reykjanes peninsula. Reykjavik has experienced more than 8,000 earthquakes and about 10cm of land uplift due to magma intrusions underground which is raising the land itself. This region is waking up with the last eruption about 800 years ago (though there have been more recent eruptions offshore). Geological evidence shows the area is fed by five volcanic systems, which seem to come to life in a coordinated way roughly every 1,000 years.

There are approximately 130 volcanoes in Iceland, active and inactive. However, there are about 30 active volcanic systems that can be found under the island, in all parts of the country except the Westfjords region, which is the oldest part of Iceland’s landmass formed around 16 million years ago. The volcanism of Iceland comes from the fact that the country sits directly across the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This ridge separates the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, and Iceland is one of the few places on earth that it can be seen above sea-level.

The most recent known eruption in Iceland was at Holuhraun in the Highlands back in 2014. Grímsfjall volcano had a short eruption during 2011 and, more famously, Eyjafjallajökull caused disruption to international air traffic back in 2010. However, there have been many suspected subglacial volcanic eruptions at different locations around the country that did not break the ice, such as Katla in 2017 and Hamerinn in 2011. This makes creating a database for future forecasts difficult.

Image result for major historical volcano eruptions in iceland

The most major volcanic eruption of Iceland’s history was the so-called Skaftáreldar(fires of Skaftá) in 1783–1784. In the past eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have been followed by eruption of the larger volcano Katla in 2017. In the case of the 1783 Skaftáreldar, this type of eruption was characterized by huge outpourings of lava and volcanic gases. These gases convert in the atmosphere to aerosols which can cause regional hemispheric impacts. There were reports across Europe of an atmospheric haze and dry Sulphur type fog in 1783. Meteorological records also show that the summer of 1783 was unusually hot and was followed by an exceptionally cold winter. Contemporary records from England and other European countries also demonstrate there were also health impacts such as outdoor workers suffering respiratory difficulties and crop and vegetation damage.

The largest fissure eruption in historical times in Iceland was the Eldgja eruption in 934-938 AD, which is from the Katla volcanic system which erupted in 2017. More than 18 km of lava was produced and more than 1 km of tephra, as fissures opened up along a total length of 75 km. Some of the fissures opened below ice sheets which may explain the large volume of tephra.

In total, there have been four large volume fissure eruptions in historical times (since late 9th century) with erupted volumes greater than 4 km. So, these eruptions are not frequent and yet we know that the last of these, the Laki eruption, led to severe impacts on Iceland and beyond.

From a rough cyclical model based on incomplete data, we are also witnessing rising volcanic activity into 2025 coming out of Iceland in line with Solar Minimum.

Krakatoa Eruption in Indonesia – Dawn of a Volcanic Winter?

Krakatoa has once again erupted on April 11, 2020. The risk of a more serious eruption extends into August 17th, 2020. Indonesia has over 130 active volcanoes, the most of any nation. Of course, there remains the legendary eruption of Krakatoa which culminated in a series of massive explosions over 26–27 August 1883, which were among the most violent volcanic events in recorded history. The eruption was estimated Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 6, which was equivalent to 200 megatons of TNT or about 13,000 times the nuclear blast which destroyed Hiroshima, Japan.

The 1883 eruption, according to the official records of the Dutch East Indies colony, wiped out 165 villages and towns with an additional 132 which were seriously damaged. The eruption destroyed two-thirds of the island of Krakatoa. Since then, there was an eruption in the area during 1927 which built a new island at the same location, named Anak Krakatau (which is Indonesian for “Child of Krakatoa”). There have been small periodic eruptions ever since 1927, which included more recent eruptions in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. There was a major collapse in 2018 where the island fell from a height of over 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level down to only 110 meters (361 ft). The December 22, 2018, eruption caused a deadly tsunami, with waves up to five meters in height making landfall. The last eruption thereafter was May 2019.

Krakatoa was known as “The Fire Mountain” during Java’s Sailendra dynasty. Surviving records have preserved accounts of seven eruptions beginning in 850AD, and followed by 950, 1050, 1150, 1320, and 1530. After that, there is an eyewitness account of an eruption in 1680.

There have been theories that the massive eruption of 535AD which led to the Great Justinian Plague in the Byzantine Empire may have been possibly Krakatoa. There were major global climate changes of 535–536 caused by a volcanic winter. Whatever the source, the eruption of 535AD is believed to have been even more violent than Krakatoa’s 1883 eruption. Other theories suggest that eruption of 535AD took place in El Salvador, in Central America, of the volcano named Ilopango.

Because of the lack of historical accurate data, it is difficult to calculate when the next major eruption should take place. Based solely upon the string of recent activity since 2009, this would point to August 7th, 2020. It has been building in intensity since 2009 and the dramatic event of 2018 with the tsunami stands as a warning that this is building once again to a climax. The 1883 eruption became with steam emerging on the 19th of May 1883. Eruptions at Krakatoa started again around June 16th which was eventually followed by an intensifying activity. On August 25th, the eruptions intensified. Then the following day at 1:00 pm on the 26th, the volcano went into its paroxysmal phase. By 2:00 pm, a black cloud of ash could be seen 27 kilometres high. The eruption was virtually continuous cycling about every 8 to 10 minutes. Between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, a small tsunami hit the shores of Java and Sumatra. The following day, on August 27th, four enormous explosions occurred, which marked the climax of the eruption.

From the first sighting of steam of May 19th until the Climatic eruption on August 27th, 1883, 99 days had passed. Based upon this timing, if this continues to build, then any major eruption would take place perhaps in mid-July to early August 2020. This is certainly something that becomes possible since volcanic activity intensified during solar minimum. The results show that the next Solar Cycle will start in 2020 and reach a maximum in 2025. Cycle 25 is expected to be even weaker than the current solar cycle. According to this forecast, upcoming solar activity will be the weakest in the last 200 years. sunspots. This is certainly not good for volcanic activity.

Keep in mind that with 130 active volcanoes, this need not even be the one the erupts. This is indicating that region, as a whole, is becoming active once again.

We need to pay attention during the ECM wave into 2024 because Socrates is pointing to a rise in food prices due to shortages. This exaggerated virus scare is already preventing crops from being picked as migrant workers are prevented from travel. If we add a serious volcano eruption that would create even a mild volcanic winter, this would only confirm even more the fundamentals behind the forecast of Socrates.

Bill Gates & CO2 Must Be ZERO

Bill Gates was all on board with Greta, Al Gore, and Greenpeace. Using the coronavirus and demanding we be locked down until at least June, this is a covert means to further their climate change and to subject the world to a new authoritarian regime. What these people have done is beyond contemplation. This is a major global coup all based upon this theory of CO2 which he even admits there is no formula to even pretend if CO2 is X then the temperature will be Y.

This has been a plot to destroy society and end the Industrial Revolution. Since Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft and Berkshire Hatheway just before this deliberate destruction of our economy, if he or his foundation sold stock and bond investments ahead of this event he is supporting, that is INSIDER TRADING! He won’t have to worry about the INEQUALITY of wealth, everything he has will be forfeited as a fine to the government. and he will be equal once again and his conscience will be restored.

Wind Turbine Disposal Issues

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 3, 2020

Wind Turbine Disposal IssuesNo one seemed to consider what to do with the massive amount of wind turbine blades once they reached the end of their lifespan. Thus, the irony of the present day Green Energy Movement is the dumping of thousands of tons of non-recyclable supposedly renewable wind turbine blades in the country’s landfills. 1

Wind turbine blades slated for waste disposal is forecast to quadruple over the next fifteen years

What’s even worse is that the amount of wind turbine blades slated for waste disposal is forecast to quadruple over the next fifteen years as a great deal more blades reach their 15-20 year lifespan. Furthermore, the size and length of the newly installed wind turbine blades are now twice as large as they were 20-30 years ago.

The wind turbine blades are a toxic amalgam of unique composites, fiberglass, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride foam, polyethylene terephthlate foam, balsa wood and polyurethane coatings. So, basically, there is just too much plastic-composite-epoxy material that isn’t worth recycling.  1

More than 720,000 tons of blade material will be disposed of over then next 20 years in the United States—a figure that does not include newer, taller higher-capacity turbines. Disposal of these blades—a byproduct of increasing wind generation—is becoming a growing problem.  2

A typical wind turbine has a foundation, a tower, a nacelle and three blades. The foundation is made from concrete, the tower is made from steel or concrete, the nacelle is made mainly from steel and copper, the blades are the most environmentally problematic at end of life since there are currently no established industrial recycling routes for them. Disposal at the end of life cycle must be considered but has been lacking. 3

Germany now has 29,000 wind towers. The nightmare of scrapping and decontamination has already started, with 250MW decommissioned last yer. Close to 10,000 towers must be decommissioned by 2023. One tactic has been to ship the toxic parts and rubble to African states to deal with the problem. 4

Other wind turbines have a six-figure decommissioning costs

There’s some public record material about decommissioning US wind farms, and it’s not reassuring. In Minnesota, the ten year old Nobles Wind farm has 134 turbines of about 1.5MW and is operated by Xeel Energy. Xeel estimates the cost for scrapping each turbine at up to $530,000 or $71 million total. Each turbine has a tip height of 120 metes. Just to scrap one 40m blade, involves crunching composite material weighing more than 6 tons.

As American Experiment points out, even $71 million doesn’t finance a thorough clean-up. The contracts oblige Xeel to restore the land to a depth of only about one meter, whereas the foundations go down 5 meters. Moreover, underneath the 56 square miles of this Minnesota wind farm is 140 km of cabling and pipes. The documents don’t say if the cables would stay or go. (4)

Other wind turbines have a six-figure decommissioning costs as well. According to utility documents for the Palmer’s Creek wind facility in Chippewa County, Minnesota, it would cost $7,385,822 to decommission the 18 wind turbines operating at that site, a cost of $410,000 per turbine. 5

The waste disposal site located near Casper, Wyoming will soon be filled with over 1,000 decommissioned wind turbine blades and motor housing units. The Wyoming House of Representatives recently agreed to the introduction of a bill that would ban the disposal of wind turbine blades in the state. Wyoming House Bill 217 would make it a misdemeanor to dispose of turbine blades and would impose fines of up to $1,000 for convictions. 2

Nationwide, there are nearly 50,000 wind turbines, with 2,700 being decommissioned, since the energy boom of the 1970s. Bloomberg New Energy Finance is expecting up to 2 gigawatts worth of turbines to be refitted this year and next. Each turbine blade will need between 30 and 44.8 cubic years of landfill space, using a total of 448,000 cubic yards of the 2.6 million yards set aside for construction and demolition material. This nearly 20 percent of total landfill space is enormous, given the amount of construction and demolition material disposed of in the United States. To prevent acres of abandoned and decaying wind farms, Wyoming laws require companies to provide bonds to cover the cost of decommission and disposal of turbines once they are taken out of service or abandoned. 2

Recycling turbine blades is more regulated in countries that have had wind power for decades. The European Union, for example, has waste management rules. Some European companies sell older and less efficient parts to customers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Veolia, a German global utilities and waste management company, found that decommissioned blades can be crushed and burned along with other components in cement kilns where the blades transform into solid fuel that can be used in the cement industry. One American entrepreneur believes the blades can be recycled by grinding them up to make chocolate chip-sized pellets which can be used for decking materials, pallets, and piping. But, this option does not begin to deal with the massive disposal problem ahead for those countries well into wind generation, which is rapidly including the United States.

With an increasing dependence on wind generated electricity and the ever growing size of the turbines, the issues of waste from wind turbines is significant and evolving. Most state governments did not provide for the disposal of wind turbine blades despite implementing renewable standards that require the generation of electricity from wind or other forms of renewable energy. It appears that many never even thought about the potential side effects of mandating new forms of energy generation such as wind and solar, and are only now learning the consequences of their edicts. Some states have ridiculously high percentage requirements for renewable generation that only exacerbates this problem. 2

In short, disposing of wind turbines is a significant problem, with negative impacts on communities and the environment.


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Ice Age & Warfare

QUESTION: Did the sea level rise after the last Ice Age? When did warfare begin?


ANSWER: About 85% if pre-history ancient sites are actually underwater.  Usually, ancient people were close to the sea. As a result, many pre-history sites are still underwater which sunk after the last Ice Age. A great example of that is Atlit Yam which was an ancient submerged Neolithic village off the coast of Atlit, Israel. It has been carbon-dated as to be between 8900 and 8300 years old. Among the features of the 10-acre site is a stone circle.

The Neolithic (“New Stone Age”), was the final division of the Stone Age period, which began about 12,000 years ago and is distinguished by the first developments of farming. The Neolithic first farmers, spread westward from Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) arriving in central Europe 7500 years ago. They tended to be more settled lives than the nomadic fishing and foraging peoples they displaced, but they also were territorial. There is evidence that there was violence with mass gravesso there was clearly warfare even back during the transition to the Neolithic period.

There are over 35,000 megaliths in Europe alone, ranging from Sweden to the Mediterranean sea. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, which is probably the most famous of this megalithic period. The Neolithic Megalithic era gives way to the Bronze Age. Archaeologists believe Stonehenge was constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.

So yes the sea level rose following the Ice Age and there is evidence that warfare existed even during pre-history.